Genuine parts for seed drills

Pièces de semoirs pour VENTA

High quality seed-drill parts are essential for regular seeding and optimum crop emergence. The seeding coulter or disc must be in good condition to sow at the right depth. Discover a whole range of KUHN seed-drill parts to sow your crop.

What are the seed drill parts? 

Seed drill spare parts are mainly composed of coulters, covering tines, and discs. 

KUHN propose des pièces pour différents types de semoirs agricoles, que ce soient pour des semoirs pour semis direct, des semoirs pour semis simplifiés, des combinés de semis ou encore des semoirs monograine.

Pièces détachées de semis

Coulters for seed drills


The seed drill parts are manufactured with high-precision quality. This is essential for the seed drill to function well and select seeds effectively. A Ni-hard cast iron manufacturing process is used for some share models. This increases lifespan and cost-effectiveness due to the exceptional hardness of the material.

Optimised shape

KUHN coulters for seed drills are perfectly profiled to contribute to regular seed delivery into the furrow. 

Soc pour semoir agricole KUHN


Conventional seed-drill coulters deliver seeds simply and cost-effectively. The advantages of this are:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Regular and easy-to-control seeding depth
  • Uniform delivery
  • Less furrow smoothing in wet soil

Shin profile, coulter length, height and overall shape are the result of many tests in real conditions.

Socs fourches pour semoir

Here is a selection of coulters for your seed drill

Covering tines

KUHN covering tines for seed drills have the same advantages as raking and tedding tines. They are made of special spring steel in different diameters. Tines are fully shot-peened and then powder paint coated for higher corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Fourche de recouvrement pour semoir agricole

Here is a selection of tines for your seed drill:

Discs for seed drills


Whether they are seeding, marker, opener, smooth, convex, notched or embossed disc, they are produced to ensure uniform, slower wear of agricultural parts.

Disque pour semoir KUHN

Discs for seed drill

Disque pour semoir VENTA KUHN

Discs for VENTA seed drill

Here is a selection of discs for your seed drill:

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