Genuine parts for tillage

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Are you looking for genuine parts for your KUHN machine: power harrow, power tiller, stubble cultivator or tine cultivator?

What are the wearing parts of a driven tillage tool?

Whether you need power harrow tines, power tiller blades and tines, or discs and tines for stubble ploughs, KUHN is at your side in your tillage jobs. 

Parts for power harrows: tines

Power harrows tines

The design of power harrow tines (twisted and bevelled) is ideal for crumbling the land, and at high working speeds if required. Power harrow tines are sometimes called blades.

Our power harrow tines meet the precise specifications for KUHN wearing parts that are perfectly adapted to KUHN machines. When you choose a KUHN tine, you are sure of getting a high-quality and a wear-resistant part that is much less likely to break. 

Tine replacement is easy with the FAST-FIT quick knife change system. It takes just a few minutes to change all the tines on a machine. 

Dents de herse rotative origine KUHN


KUHN harrow Fast-Fit blades are made from steel to provide the best compromise between hardness and resilience. Cut steel guarantees consistent part profile and high work output.

The bending phase ensures that no steel fibres are deformed to increase resistance to impacts and stress. Angled, the shape of the tines reduces power requirement and increases resistance to wear.

Special heat treatment that consists in water hardening and tempering puts flexibility back into the part to prevent breakages.

Here is a selection of power harrow tines

Carbide solution: parts with DURAKUHN and DURAKARB technology 

Our power harrow tines also come in different carbide versions:

  • DURAKUHN, tungsten carbide coating to increase service life by up to 3 times!
  • DURAKARB, tungsten carbide plates to increase service life by up to 6 times!
étude détaillée sur les dents de herse rotative DURAKARB,

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What are the advantages of using long tines on your power harrow?

Long tines work the land deep down. They are ideal for potatoes. There are also long tines with DURAKUHN technology.

Here is a selection of power harrow tines:

What are the advantages of FAST-FIT tines?

Tines are held in place by means of a highly resistant connecting piece in forged steel. The connecting piece is locked in place by an automatic clip placed under the tine holder and very easily accessible.

A protective device is integrated into the holder to prevent damage or accidental loosening of the clip.


Wearing parts, casing, bearings, and tine holders all form a compact and very robust unit. In addition, conical roller bearings and one-piece cast-iron housing reinforce the drive chain to make it even more powerful.

Ensemble de dents de herse rotative KUHN
Dent de herse rotative KUHN

Which tines are best for your working conditions?

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Parts for power tillers: blades and tines

Power tillers have many wearing parts. That’s why it’s important to choose the part to suit your needs. Choosing the right part means choosing high-performance and safety for your farming operations.

Pièces pour fraises rotatives

What are the different rotors and wearing parts available?

Different blade profiles make up the range of parts for tillage tools: 

  • L-blades which have a square opening angle for working on any type of land, hard wearing, shallow inter-row work, pasture and alfalfa fields.
  • C-blades which have an open angle, reduced power requirement, are effective in wet conditions and for seedbed preparation, and mix in plant residues very effectively.
Tines for the CULTIPLOW rotor

CULTIPLOW tines have a large surface area in contact with the soil. The left and right angles of the tines provide good soil levelling by moving the soil from side-to-side.

They are also available with the EASY-FIT system which means that each tine can be removed and fitted again with one single attachment bolt.

Cultilabour KUHN

Here is a selection of tines available for your CULTIPLOW rotor


CULTITILLER rotor tines provide maximum cover of the worked area as well as significant penetration. They are ideal in wet conditions and rocky soils.

The “leading” position of CULTITILLER rotor tines lifts and cuts. Left and right-angled tines provide good soil levelling by moving the soil from side-to-side.

The Fast-Fit system for tine attachment, available with forged and angled models, is exclusive to KUHN. Secured with a single lynch pin, tines are replaced and perfectly secured in just a few minutes.

Les dents du rotor CULTITILLER KUHN

Here is a selection of tines available for your CULTITILLER

Carbide solution: parts with DURAKUHN technology

Some blades are made from boron steel which is treated then coated with tungsten carbide.

Pièces pour fraises rotatives

Check out all our carbide blades

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Parts for stubble cultivators with discs and tines


The discs are tilted in relation to forward travel and verticality.

The angle of attack of the discs gives them great soil-penetration capacity. The shape of the discs enhances intensive soil-crop residue mixing. 6mm thick discs give a 20% longer life when compared to 5mm discs.


Here is a selection of discs for your stubble cultivator:


There is a wide choice of wear parts available for stubble cultivators. From the 50mm point for effective soil cracking, to the goose foot share for shallow stubble cultivation, not forgetting point and wing shares for medium-depth work. Many configurations are possible to meet the challenges of every plot.

Here is a selection of shares and points for your stubble cultivator:


Carbide solution: parts with DURAKARB technology

Points, wings, and goose foot shares are also available with DURAKARB technology which increases the service life of the part by up to 8 times, depending on the model.

Carbure fragments

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What are the wearing parts of a non-driven tillage tool? 

Spare parts are very important for stubble cultivators and cultivators. Whether you need points, shares, wings, or discs, choosing the right tillage part is one of the key ingredients to growing a successful crop.

Different carbide parts are available for your stubble cultivator and your cultivator. 

Pièces carbure pour mélangeuse, la gamme KUHN complète

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