Genuine parts for fertiliser spreaders

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Your fertiliser spreader needs the best parts for precision fertilisation. When choosing genuine manufactured parts, you are sure to have made the right choice.

What are the different parts of fertiliser spreaders? 

Distribution vanes are an essential agricultural part for precision fertilisation jobs. They must be in good condition to deliver the treatments and inputs that are vital for healthy crop growth.

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Distribution vanes for fertiliser spreaders

Distribution vanes are stainless steel parts. They play a very important role in the quality of fertiliser spreading. They must therefore withstand corrosion and wear to provide long-term operating quality.

Here is a selection of vanes for your agricultural spreader:

Carbide coated parts for fertiliser spreaders

The discs and vanes for fertiliser spreaders can be coated in chrome carbide. This coating, known as VXR, lengthens the service life of the part and makes it possible to produce a uniform and constant spread fan over time, in intensive conditions, and with corrosive fertiliser.

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