agrirouter universal platform

Step into Farming 4.0 with agrirouter!

Agrirouter opens the doors to Farming 4.0 by positioning itself as the universal platform for the exchange of your data. From now on, regardless of the manufacturer, connect all your machines with your software and applications.

This platform simplifies data and information exchange processes, improving the profitability of your operation by reducing the amount of time you spend managing your data.

visuel de présentation de la plateforme universelle agrirouter

Exchange data easily 

How can we not feel constrained when using connected solutions on machines, software and equipment, especially when they come from different providers? By contributing to the development of agrirouter, KUHN provides a solution that allows any user to exchange their data simply and securely.

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Agrirouter forwards data and does not store them

Each user can define at any time what happens to their data. All data transfers follow confidentiality rules that comply with the requirements of the main EU directives in force. Agrirouter does not back up any data; it only sends them according to your instructions. This means that the question of data backup does not even arise.

Diagram of exchanges of a farmer with other players thanks to the agrirouter: centralised, arranged and intuitive exchanges
After: with agrirouter
Diagram of the complex exchanges of a farmer with other players without agrirouter
Before: without agrirouter

Opt for simplicity

Setting up data exchange between machines and solutions from different brands can be complicated for a farmer or a contractor.

Agrirouter is the platform to facilitate this step: the data is formatted in such a way as to facilitate its transmission to all stakeholders (machines, agricultural software, cooperatives, etc.) authorised by the operator. Agrirouter reduces the administrative burden and simplifies the exchange of information.

Optimise your production line from beginning to end

From seeding to harvesting, save time and collect more data with ease. For example, thanks to agrirouter, as soon as you receive your modulation or yield maps, you can transfer them directly to the terminals in the cabin to control your machines.

Each user can customize the configuration of his/her own agrirouter. The settings are simple to make and can be changed at any time. Daily handling is easy and many transfers are automated.    

Graphics explaining the configuration of the user ecosystem thanks to agrirouter


Agrirouter operation in 1min30