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As a forward-looking business, KUHN UK has long seen the merits of proactive engagement with the country’s extensive network of Young Farmers’ Clubs.

A relationship now stretching back over a decade has seen KUHN involved in a wide range of activities, from simple competition sponsorships through to having an active role in the Agri steering group of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC).

It is certainly a collaboration that puts KUHN firmly in the minds of the customers of tomorrow, but for UK Managing Director Siân Pritchard the value goes a lot further than future sales.

“Our association with the NFYFC has evolved over the years and is now about far more than simple brand visibility,” she says. “Many of the activities that we’re involved in have a broader educational value and are designed to inspire young minds and hopefully encourage future careers in engineering, farming, or other parts of the agricultural industry. There are also elements of corporate responsibility in our collaborations, with support for the NFYFC’s health and safety initiatives being a good example.”

The NFYFC is one of the largest youth organisations in the UK, with 19,000 members spread throughout its network of local clubs. Members aged from 10 to 28 are afforded unique opportunities to develop skills, work with their local communities, travel, and take part in a varied competitions programme. As their strapline of ‘Fun, Learning and Achievement’ underlines, it is all about positive development within the context of a dynamic social life.

Inspiring innovation

Supporting the NFYFC’s ‘Dream Machine’ competition has been one of the ways that KUHN has been inspiring the next generation of agricultural engineers. Organised with four age groups to encourage the broadest participation, the competition invited members to design their own machine of the future, with the winners being invited to visit KUHN’s factory in Saverne to present their ideas and see the company’s design and production facilities.


Working with agricultural broadcaster Ben Eagle, KUHN has collaborated with the NFYFC on a new series of podcasts, initially introducing KUHN UK and outlining the career opportunities that it offers. Further episodes have then provided insight on forage quality and regenerative agriculture, with KUHN product specialists being interviewed alongside other industry experts to impart up to the moment thinking on these key areas. 

Career development

Through its association with NFYFC, KUHN has seen the opportunity to promote the fulfilling and exciting career opportunities that exist within the agricultural industry. By providing the venue for Agri steering group meetings, for example, and offering group tours of its facilities in Telford, KUHN UK has been able to demonstrate how an agricultural engineering business functions and illustrate the broad and varied career routes on offer.

“We’re strong supporters of the NFYFC and are proud of our relationship with the organisation, which we believe has mutual benefits,” concludes Siân. “The association continues to provide great opportunities to present KUHN as a forward-thinking and innovative business and it is no coincidence that we have a number of current or former Young Farmers’ Club members amongst our young and progressive team at KUHN UK.”

Podcast 1 - Careers and opportunities

The first podcast discusses some of Kuhn’s history, dating back to 1828, and introduces some members of the team – Managing Director Sian Pritchard, Marketing Manager Kate Hughes and John Lovell Technical Support Manager – all of whom are former YFC members. The discussion highlights why the company has supported NFYFC for a number of years, the roles in the business and also passes on tips to people looking for a career with the farm machinery industry. 

Podcast 2 - Quality Forage

Episode two in this podcast series with NFYFC focuses on the topic of producing quality forage. Ben Eagle, KUHN Product Specialist Katie Calcutt and leading plastic manufacturer Berry BPI’s Area Sales Manager Stuart Anthony discuss the importance of quality forage, improvements in technology and sustainability.

Podcast 3 - Regenerative Farming

This is the final podcast in a series of three from NFYFC in which Product Specialist Ed Worts discusses Regenerative Agriculture, and is presented and produced by Ben Eagle for The National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs.

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SERIES 2 : Episode 1 - Changes in innovation in the Arable Sector

NFYFC / KUHN - Changes in farming practices and innovation in technology in the arable sector.

The first episode in this latest series highlights changes in farming practices and innovation in technology in the arable sector. Together with NFYFC Non-inversion and Spraying Sales Specialist Rupert Greest and Area Sales Manager John Hulland, discuss the latest kit that KUHN is producing to help arable farmers and how they are connecting with customers through apps and even TikTok.

SERIES 2 : Episode 2 - Changes in innovation in the Livestock Sector

Changes in farming practices and innovation in technology in the livestock sector

The episode is part of a three-part series recorded by Meet the Farmer podcaster Ben Eagle for YFC members and includes KUHN Bedding and Feeding Sales Specialists James Hutchison and Gordon Logan. During the discussion, the pair highlight the latest technology that KUHN is producing to help livestock farmers.