Fertiliser Spreaders

KUHN is a pioneer in precision fertilisation and offers innovative solutions for perfect control of fertiliser application. KUHN's range of fertiliser spreaders can be adapted to all types of work: spreading fertiliser in open fields, on edges, in developed crops)late spreading), for special crops ( vineyards, orchards, vegetables, etc.), with incomparable precision and simplicity. With KUHN fertiliser spreaders, you bring the right dose to the right place so you can maximise the potential of your crops.

Mounted Spreaders

KUHN fertiliser spreaders adapt to all kinds of work: spreading fertiliser across open fields, along field edges and marginal zones, late fertilisation, and application to special crops (wine-growing, tree cultivation, market-gardening, etc.). All KUHN fertiliser spreaders offer incomparable precision and ease of use.

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Trailed Spreaders

The KUHN fertiliser spreader range also offers high capacity solutions. AXENT, the 9400 litre centrifugal fertiliser spreader, provides you with a high precision solution for both mineral fertilisers and soil improvement products. The AGT, is a pneumatic boom spreader, which is the solution for spreading irregular or lower quality fertilisers accurately over 36 m, without having to worry about the weather.

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Check out the AXIS range to find the precision fertiliser spreader that meets your needs!

Unlock success with precision fertilisation

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