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Save up to £5000* off precision spraying technology

Precision spraying just got more affordable!

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Save up to £2000* off precision spreading technology

Precision technology - Save up to £2000*

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Carbide parts solutions

A wide choice of agricultural machinery

Agricultural requirements are constantly changing and the demand for quality products and services continues to increase. KUHN strives to ensure the availability of the best machines to meet the changing agricultural demands. KUHN is dedicated to serving agriculture with quality products, parts and service.

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  • chris_marchment

    Cutting the cost of cultivations was the key driver for arable farmer Chris Marchment when he parked his plough for the final time 12 years ago. 
    Farming 80ha near Andover in Hampshire, just to the south of the North Wessex Downs, he faces the challenge working with clay-capped soils with flints. Under a conventional cultivation regime, the cost of wearing metal and excessive diesel use had become unsustainable, so he turned to a non-inversion minimum tillage system.

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    Dan Humphries Vet

    Modern methods save time and labour, and may use less straw, but the downside is the risk of airborne particles – something that can impact on the health of cattle and anyone working in that environment.

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