Carbide wear parts

With a wealth of know-how and expertise, KUHN certifies the best parts for your KUHN machine.
KUHN is a true specialist in the manufacture of agricultural equipment and develops all tungsten carbide parts in its own factories in France.

Helping you succeed with DURAKUHN and DURAKARB carbide parts 

Choosing wearing parts made with DURAKUHN or DURAKARB technology, is choosing quality and durability. 

KUHN is master of DURAKARB technology, dedicated to carbide wearing parts, for tillage machines and ploughs, to ensure rapid return on investment.

Fragment carbure pour pièces d'usure agricole.

What is carbide? 

Tungsten carbide is a compound obtained from heating and compressing a mix of tungsten powder and carbon powder. It is one of the hardest materials, but also one of the most fragile. It is combined with cobalt to produce a very hard and wear-resistant material. That’s why it is often compared to diamond.

Why choose KUHN carbide parts? 

For years now, KUHN has been dedicating all of its know-how to creating, designing, developing, and producing carbide-strengthened wearing parts. Through professional workmanship, you can benefit from parts with an exceptionally long service life on your farm.

Agricultural wearing parts DURAKUHN

DURAKUHN: the service life of tungsten carbide-coated parts is 3 times longer! 

KUHN also offers tungsten carbide-coated agricultural parts. DURAKUHN technology, from ground carbide, can increase surface hardness. It increases the service life of your agricultural part two to three times depending on the part.

pièces détachées DURAKUHN

Agricultural wearing parts DURAKARB 

DURAKARB: parts reinforced with tungsten carbide plates lengthens service life up to 8 times!

DURAKARB technology is used for KUHN parts, which are subjected to the most wear. We have made several improvements to protect your parts even better: 

Durakarb pièces détachées KUHN Parts - logo
Pièce d'usure agricole, plaquette carbure

1. Tungsten carbide plates

Cleverly positioned tungsten carbide plates to increase the part’s service life by up to 8 times.

Plaquettes arrondie KUHN

2. Angled or rounded plate

Angled or rounded plate profiles to reduce the impact of wear.

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