A wide range of tools and equipment that improve land preparation, crop and seed operations according to farmers’ economic and environmental conditions. Find out the cream of agricultural equipment for crop activities, designed and perfected over many years of expertise to provide you the best soil conditions for the plant’s development.

Your soil is a key asset for quality crop production. KUHN offers a wide range of soil cultivation equipment, designed to perform when creating the ideal seedbed. Each product line leads the way in durability and productivity.

Discover our range dedicated to Tillage Implements

  • VARI-LEADER plough Silhouette


    The future of farming depends on profitabilty. Whilst preserving soil quality, KUHN ploughs increase crop productivity. Our range of ploughs offers large working widths to meet your ploughing needs as well as reduding operating costs. KUHN ploughs are equipped with the latest innovations, designed to last longer and have lower maintenance costs. Read more

  • PERFORMER tills at silhouette

    Deep Cultivators

    Deep disc or tine cultivators can maximise the productivity of your fields by breaking up a compact soil structure. KUHN soil looseners and deep cultivators optimise the soil and seedbed preparation and ensure better yields by cracking the soil, improving water infiltration to help the soil retain moisture. Read more

  • OPTIMER stubble cultivator silhouette

    Stubble Cultivators

    Intercropping helps manage weed populations, facilitate the decomposition of crop residues, control disease outbreaks and prepare the soil for seeding. KUHN offers solutions for stubble cultivation and mixing in a single pass. With tine or multi-purpose disc stubble cultivators, you can be sure to carry out quality work with a simple, robust and efficient tool. Read more

  • HRB 122 - 152 - 182 - 202 plain white background

    Seedbed Preparation Tools

    Good seedbed preparation is essential for healthy crop growth. KUHN offers a wide range of seedbed preparation tools, including tine, disc, combinations tools and power harrows. Offering a robust, quality output and easy to use solution. Read more

  • STRIGER till at silhouette


    Designed to meet the challenges faced by today's strip-till farmers, by providing an industry-leading precision tillage system that produces the perfect seedbed, whatever the conditions. Choose from a variety of fertiliser products (Solid, liquid, organic) to ensure the best nutrient plan for your operation. Read more

The potential of your crop is at stake when you plant it. Quality seeding is of prime importance. KUHN seed drills offer you the possibility of perfect seeding in ploughing, min-til and direct drilling establishment methods.

Discover our range dedicated to Seed Drills

  • MEGANT 602 R outline

    Mounted Seed Drills

    The perfect alliance between productivity and quality of work. The reliability of the distribution system ensures unequalled seeding precision whatever the working conditions. The diversity of the seeding units offered by KUHN meets the requirements of all crop management methods. Read more

  • COMBILINER INTEGRA 3003 integrated mechanical seed drill Silhouette

    Integrated Seed Drills

    By choosing a drill combination you can carry out soil tillage and seeding in one pass. KUHN seed drill combinations offer solutions for all conditions with simple and easy operation. Whether mechanical or pneumatic, you will find a seed drill combination to meet your expectations. Read more

  • TF 1512 front hopper silhouette

    Seed Hoppers

    Seeding with a coulter bar and front tank offers the advantage of an ideal front/rear load distribution. With the power of the VENTA hydraulic blower, the crop is conveyed to the seed bar in a uniform manner for an uniform seeding operation. The front hopper can also be used for fertiliser application with a precision seed drill or with the STRIGER strip-till. Read more

  • The different SH seeders

    Cover Crop Seed Drills

    KUHN offers the SH range of cover crop Seeders for use on a wide range of cultivators and seeding equipment. This allows you to seed at the same time as cultivating or apply a companion crop with your main crop – saving time and money! Read more

  • PLANTER 3 Seed Drill silhouette

    Precision Seed Drills

    The clever design of KUHN precision seed drills gives them exceptional versatility. Their exceptional robustness, high reliability and seeding precision are their main assets. KUHN also innovates with an electric drive for the seeding unit, Variable Rate Applications and GPS row shut off (Section Control) are made possible. A wide range of additional equipment, such as microgranulators or fertiliser hoppers reinforces the ability to adapt to all needs. Read more

  • ESPRO 8000R seed drill at work

    Trailed Seed drills

    On ploughing, min-til or direct seeding, KUHN trailed seed drills are universal solutions designed to meet your need for versatility. Whether its single, double or triple hopper, these seed drills offer you more and more possibilities of use for a perfect adaptation to your cultivation methods. Read more

KUHN is a pioneer in precision fertilisation and offers innovative solutions for perfect control of fertiliser application. KUHN's range of fertiliser spreaders can be adapted to all types of work: spreading fertiliser in open fields, on edges, in developed crops)late spreading), for special crops ( vineyards, orchards, vegetables, etc.), with incomparable precision and simplicity. With KUHN fertiliser spreaders, you bring the right dose to the right place so you can maximise the potential of your crops.

Discover our range dedicated to Fertiliser Spreaders

  • AXIS machine silhouette

    Mounted Spreaders

    KUHN fertiliser spreaders adapt to all kinds of work: spreading fertiliser across open fields, along field edges and marginal zones, late fertilisation, and application to special crops (wine-growing, tree cultivation, market-gardening, etc.). All KUHN fertiliser spreaders offer incomparable precision and ease of use. Read more

  • AXENT 100.1 Machine silhouette

    Trailed Spreaders

    The KUHN fertiliser spreader range also offers high capacity solutions. AXENT, the 9400 litre centrifugal fertiliser spreader, provides you with a high precision solution for both mineral fertilisers and soil improvement products. The AGT, is a pneumatic boom spreader, which is the solution for spreading irregular or lower quality fertilisers accurately over 36 m, without having to worry about the weather. Read more

Discover sprayers that combine performance and versatility to meet tomorrow's objectives and reduce crop protection costs.

Discover our range dedicated to Sprayers

  • PF Front Sprayer silhouette

    Front Tanks

    KUHN's range of front sprayers combines design and top-of-the-range functionality. With capacities of 1000 and 1500 litres, the PF range allows you to increase your working capacities. The numerous equipment available allows you to optimise your spraying whatever your situation. Read more

  • OMNIS silhouette

    Mounted Sprayers

    KUHN mounted sprayers combine precision and ease of use with low investment costs. They can be equipped with steel or aluminium booms with manual or hydraulic folding. The polyethylene tanks from 600 to 2000 L offer high resistance thanks to their UV protection. These sprayers have a wide range of equipment and regulation types which will enable you to find the sprayer adapted to your needs. Read more

  • LEXIS agricultural machine silhouette

    Trailed Sprayers

    KUHN trailed sprayers offer a new idea of balance: a well-equipped sprayer with aluminium booms, a polyester tank an intuitive controls ensure its ease of use and optimum spraying quality. Its numerous equipment options combined with impeccable boom stability guarantee spraying quality. Read more

Crop residues can enhance soil conditions as long as they are shredded efficiently and effectively. Every KUHN flail mower is designed to meet the requirements of modern farming practices, whilst providing an excellent quality of shredding with a good distribution of residues. Intensive work can be performed safely.

Discover our range dedicated to Flail Mowers

  • PRO 180 Silhouette

    Rotary Topper

    KUHN’s rotary toppers are available in three working widths (1.2 m, 1.5 m and 1.8 m) and are designed to meet the needs of farmers and landscape maintenance professionals alike. The floating linkage on the BAV range absorbs the unevenness of many different types of terrain. Read more

  • Silhouette of the BP 8300

    Grass Flail Mowers

    A range of flail mowers adapted to the maintenance of pastures and fallow land but also to the destruction of intermediate crops and plant cover. Read more

  • Silhouette of the TRP

    Orchard & Vineyard Flail Mowers

    Flail mowers are designed for maintenance and residue removal based on the material to be shredded, the intended use, the conditions and your expectations. KUHN's range of orchard and vineyard shredders offers a wide range of solutions to meet all needs. Read more

  • WS 320 BIO machine silhouette

    Crop Residue Flail Mowers

    Fine shredding of crop residues is vital in controlling pests and diseases and in quickly transforming organic matter into soil moisture. KUHN's range of crop flail mowers offers high-performance and robust solutions to cope with high volumes of residue. Read more

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