Tedding is an important stage in the forage harvesting process because it speeds up drying. Tedding aims to preserve the energy value of the forage and limit any weather risk. KUHN tedders are designed to ensure the best forage distribution in all situations, quickly and evenly. With working widths from 4.20 m to 17.80 m, there is a KUHN tedder to suit your needs.

GF 102

Available in four working widths (4.22 m to 6.40 m), these machines are ideal for smaller scale operations - simple and effective.

GF 1002

Available in five working widths (5.20 m to 7.80 m) these machines are ideal for meduim scale operations - reliable and compact tedders for total safety on the road.

GF 1002 T GII

Two models of semi-mounted tedders with a working width of 7.80 m, for medium to large farms. Choose between the large or small rotor models, depending on your needs.

GF 1003

GF 1003 mounted tedders come in six working widths (5.20 m to 10.80 m) to meet the requirements of all farms. Benefit from reliable and compact tedders that are easy to manoeuvre.

GF 1003 T

4 trailed tedders, GF 7803 T, GF 7903 T, GF 8703 T, and GF 10803 T, to optimise the potential of your fields. These tedders are made for medium / large farms and contractors, to harvest more crop in less time.

GF 10012

GF 13012 and GF 17003 models produce high work output with their 12 and 16 small diameter rotors respectively. They have the GSC (Ground Save Control) system which enables them to follow the ground like a 4-rotor tedder with 50% less ground scraping*!

GF 13003

The KUHN range of mounted tedders now features a new market-exclusive model. The GF 13003 tedder is the first mounted model with a working width of 13.00 m. It is equipped with KUHN's new OPTITEDD rotors.

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