Hay & Forage


KUHN, is continuously developping innovative mowing solutions. The design of the KUHN mower range takes into account forage quality requirements, operating comfort, productivity, safety and reliability whilst reducing maintenance costs.


Tedding is an important stage in the forage harvesting process because it speeds up drying. Tedding aims to preserve the energy value of the forage and limit any weather risk. KUHN tedders are designed to ensure the best forage distribution in all situations, quickly and evenly. With working widths from 4.20 m to 17.80 m, there is a KUHN tedder to suit your needs.

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Rakes & Mergers

KUHN's rake design is well adapted to harvesting and preserving the quality and nutritional value of the forage. KUHN offers solutions for collecting forage, whilst introducing minimal impurities. KUHN rakes, whether with rotors or belts, ensure reliability, maximum work output and uniform swaths.

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KUHN round and square balers are built with field performance, bale quality and bale density in mind to enable profitability of every baling operation. The unique features and innovations on KUHN balers makes a real difference. KUHN offers the most efficient and versatile range of balers available on the market to meet your demands.

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Crop conditions, field conditions and the weather all have to be taken into account when wrapping bales ready for crop handling and storage. Perfectly wrapped bales combined with a high output and outstanding durability guarantee KUHN wrappers to be a profitable investment. KUHN offers cost efficient, ecologic and ergonomic bale wrapping solutions with a complete range of round and square bale wrappers.

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