Flail Mowers

Crop residues can enhance soil conditions as long as they are shredded efficiently and effectively. Every KUHN flail mower is designed to meet the requirements of modern farming practices, whilst providing an excellent quality of shredding with a good distribution of residues. Intensive work can be performed safely.

Rotary Topper

KUHN’s rotary toppers are available in three working widths (1.2 m, 1.5 m and 1.8 m) and are designed to meet the needs of farmers and landscape maintenance professionals alike. The floating linkage on the BAV range absorbs the unevenness of many different types of terrain.

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    • Rotary Toppers description


      Rotary toppers from 1.20 m to 1.72 m

    • TL 150 machine silhouette


      Rear landscape maintenance shredders for regular use

    • BE 10 Flail Mower Silhouette

      BE 10

      Versatile landscape maintenance shredders of 1.40 to 2 m working width

    • PRO 180 Silhouette


      A compact and versatile shredder for hilly areas

Grass Flail Mowers

A range of flail mowers adapted to the maintenance of pastures and fallow land but also to the destruction of intermediate crops and plant cover.

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    • Silhouette of the VKM


      Multi-purpose shredders available in 4 working widths

    • Silhouette of the BP/BPR 10

      BP - BPR 10

      7 multi-purpose models for light shredding: widths of 2.10 m to 3.03 m.

    • Silhouette of the BP/BPR 100

      BP - BPR 100

      Seven multi-purpose models for intensive shredding: widths of 2.10 m to 3.03 m.

    • Silhouette of the BK


      The BK shredder is intended for mixed cropping farms

    • Silhouette of the BP 8300

      BP 8300

      Multi-purpose shredders with a working width of 8.30 m

Orchard & Vineyard Flail Mowers

Flail mowers are designed for maintenance and residue removal based on the material to be shredded, the intended use, the conditions and your expectations. KUHN's range of orchard and vineyard shredders offers a wide range of solutions to meet all needs.

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    • BV 14 flail mower Silhouette

      BV 10

      Small width vine shredders

    • SDS flail mower Silhouette


      Rear-mounted orchard and vineyard shredders with delivery adapted to each plantation

    • BV 200 shredder detail

      BV - BVR 100

      Large-width vineyard and orchard shredders

    • Silhouette of the TRP


      A range of vineyard and orchard shredders adapted to any situation

Crop Residue Flail Mowers

Fine shredding of crop residues is vital in controlling pests and diseases and in quickly transforming organic matter into soil moisture. KUHN's range of crop flail mowers offers high-performance and robust solutions to cope with high volumes of residue.

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    • Silhouette of the RM


      Rigid and foldable shredders of 2.36 to 6.10 m working widths.

    • BC 6500 R machine silhouette

      BC 1000

      Front or rear shredders with working widths from 2.8 to 6.5 m.

    • WS 320 BIO machine silhouette

      WS 320 BIO

      Front mounted with an opening at its centre for forming swaths

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