Flail mower BC 1000

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The best alliance of strength and output quality!

BC 1000 series shredders with working widths from 2.8 to 6.5 m are the ideal choice for cereal farms, machinery cooperatives and contractors. They are specially designed for intensive jobs with tractors between 150 and 400 hp.

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Shredding crop residues after harvest is essential for many reasons. A lot of crops such as wheat, durum wheat, soft winter wheat, triticale, oats, rye, maize and sorghum can be contaminated by mycotoxins. Shredding is also a way to destroy the habitat favourable to pest reproduction and diseases between two crops. Lastly, by shredding your residues you ensure that germination regularity and development of the following crop is not affected by non-decomposed straw. Shredding also provides an ecological alternative to destroying cover crops and intermediate crops as opposed to using crop-protection products.
BC 1000 at work in the field

Your benefits

BC 1000 Robustness

BC 1000 range with BC 3200 crop shredder designed for intensive shredding conditions

Designed for shredding in intensive conditions

BC 1000 models have been designed to work in intensive conditions. The new casing design ensures reliable processing of many hectares. The large section beams guarantee that the structure remains rigid, year after year. POWERBAND high-capacity belts and lateral drive (except for BC 2800 and BCR 2800 models) ensures optimal power transmission, even in difficult conditions. The 647 or 730 mm large-diameter rotor is the key to high work output even in large amounts of residue. Height control is by large-diameter wheels or roller with removable ends as desired, for excellent ground contour following.

BC 6500 R, the embodiment of reliability in large-width shredding

This large shredder with a working width of 6.5 m is built around 3 large-section beams, high-strength coupling, high-capacity drive with POWERBAND belts and sheet metal lining. It is extremely robust and reliable. It has a large diameter rotor (647 mm) fitted with heavy hammer knives or Y-knives with stubble pallets which ensures high output during residue shredding. Special "L-shaped" tools equip the rotor to ensure that the central strip is shredded.
BC 6500 R crop residue shredder designed to be extremely reliable and robust for high work output.

High quality shredding

Fine shredding and uniform distribution of crop residues with BC 1000 crop shredders

Opt for fine shredding and uniform residue distribution

Fine shredding and uniform distribution are key to accelerated crop-residue decomposition and transformation into humus. That's why BC 1000 and BCR 1000 shredders are equipped with a rotor with eight rows of tools with helical layout which creates better residue suction and uniform distribution on the ground. You can also work with hammer knives or Y-knives with stubble pallets to adapt to the type of residue. Two counter-knives are welded inside the casing for a perfect finish.

A reversible model for added flexibility

The BCR 2800 comes with single or double linkage to be used at the front or front/back reversible. When used at the front, the shredder can be combined with a tillage tool at the rear or a rear shredding combination and this greatly increases work output. Optional pivoting wheels or a large-diameter roller with removable ends can be fitted to ensure perfect ground following. You can shred all types of residues with 300 hp. The shredder can be equipped with hammer knives or Y-knives with stubble pallets. Helical tool-layout around a large-diameter rotor improve residue suction and uniform distribution. The counter-knives welded inside the casing for a perfect finish
BCR 2800 reversible crop shredder gives you more possibilities and more flexibility with front, rear or combination operations

Fast, easy maintenance guaranteed

Accessible and easy maintenance for BC 1000 crop shredders

Easy access for shredder maintenance

The hood can be opened (except for the BCR 2800 model) so tool change is easy. To access the belts just remove a bolt on the guard. Standard skids in high strength steel and metal lining reduce machine wear and maintenance. The rear hood can also be lined for extreme conditions and additional durability.
BC 4000 Crop Shredder at work