Landscape and Road Maintenance

Landscape and Road Maintenance

Landscape Tools

The KUHN range for landscape and road maintenance is made up of verge equipment (Flail mowers and verge mowers) and brush cutters designed to accommodate different shredding heads. Designed to ensure the satisfaction of farmers, landscape professionals and local authorities, KUHN's landscape maintenance equipment guarantees a good quality of work with high work output.

Flail Mowers

Crop residues can enhance soil conditions as long as they are shredded efficiently and effectively. Every KUHN flail mower is designed to meet the requirements of modern farming practices, whilst providing and excellent quality of shredding with a good distribution of residues. Intensive work can be performed in absolute safety.

Amenity Pro Range

The range of sprayers is designed so that each user finds an adequate solution. A professional range intended for local authorities, landscapists and golf courses with 3-point mounted and amenity range sprayers. All these sprayers benefit from KUHN's experience in the agricultural world to provide you with quality service. 

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