Multi-purpose flail mowers BP - BPR 100

Silhouette of the BP/BPR 100

A range of versatility

Seven models of multi-purpose shredders available in 4 working widths (2.10 m to 3.03 m) for shredding all types of grassy areas and aimed at individual farms or communities

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The offset possibilities, the adjustable rear hood and the choice of flails, brings the versatility into this range of shredders. They can be adapted to various uses such as the maintenance of pastures, orchards, scrub land but also shredding of crop residues or intermediate crops.
BP/BPR 100 at work

Your benefits

A multi-purpose shredder adapted to your needs

A robust multi-purpose hood for BP 100 series shredders

An adjustable hood to adapt to the volumes of residues

The rear hood is adjustable; adjust it to the minimum for shredding slightly dense vegetation or for maximum mulching; adjust it to the maximum opening when shredding dense vegetation or if you want to work faster, at as lower power requirement.

A hydraulic offset for shredding all your surfaces

The sliding offset of 58cm allows it to reach the most difficult to access areas.
The BPR 100 models are equipped with a hydraulic offset to the right using a sliding double tube system (one lower and one upper tube). This design reduces the machine overhang and limits stress on the hitch frame when working in the offset position.
BPR 100 series shredders are fitted as standard with a hydraulic offset.
Offset by sliding system on BP-BPR 100 series shredders

Front or rear attachment for the BPR 100 series

Front or rear attachment is possible. The BPR 100 series shredders can be coupled to the front or the rear of the tractor without any mechanical assembly/disassembly. When mounted on the front, the tractor does not drive over the plants first, enabling a more even shredding. Work can also be carried out in a front and rear combination, with an offset arm verge shredder or a hedge and grass cutter.
BPR 100 series shredders can be coupled to the front or rear according to your needs

The BPR 100 PRO shredder adapts to powerful tractors

The hitch is higher for coupling to largest tractors, up to 230 hp. The top link remains floating to improve ground following. The robust lateral drive consists of five Powerband belts and an automatic tensioning system to withstand the most extreme work stresses. The shredder is also equipped with a 580 mm hydraulic side offset.
The BPR PRO range adapts to high power tractors for intensive use

High-quality shredding, fast decomposition

Benefit from a perfect shredding with the range of BP - BPR 100 series shredders

High-performance shredding unit

The 8 rows of tools arranged in helical layout on the rotor ensure perfect suction and consistent distribution of residues on the ground at the rear of the rotor. In addition, the shredding casing is equipped with two counter knives (one straight and one notched) for impeccable shredding.

Adapted tools

Adapt the machine to your needs by selecting the tools that are best suited::
  • Heavy hammer knives for grass.
  • Y knives for crop residues.
Heavy hammer knives can be fitted on the shredder BP 100 series

Controlled working height

Controlling the working height is essential to shred efficiently and preserve the plant cover. The BP 100, BP 100 PRO and BPR 100 series shredders can be equipped with:
  • Either a 220 mm diameter roller with fixed or removable ends, positioned as close as possible to the rotor for improved ground following, an ejection of the shredded material over the roller and a self-cleaning capacity by the tools.

  • Either semi-pivoting wheels attached to the shredding casing (only for BP 100 series)
A working height under control owing to the roller with removable ends

Robust and reliable

The hitch frame design is robust to ensure the shredder's durability

A robust structure

The hitch frame design composed of a reassembled structure is particularly robust. The shredding casing is reinforced as standard with a 4 mm sheet metal lining for increased service life.

A faultless drive

BP, BPR and BPR PRO 100 series shredders are fitted with:
  • a gearbox for tractors of maximum 175 hp (230 hp for the BP 100 PRO)
  • an automatic belt tensioning system.
  • three to five belts, depending on the model.
A faultless drive for BP, BPR et BPR PRO shredders

The hitch frame design is perfectly robust on the range of BP 100 series shredders


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