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Tilt correction system central to MULTI-LEADER XT updates

A tilt correction system that aligns the working angle of the plough to maximise the available tractor power and increase work rates is part of several updated features on KUHN Farm Machinery’s MULTI-LEADER XT plough range.

Originally introduced in 2012, the range is available in seven, eight or nine furrows and features a 180mm x 180mm beam and ability to plough from 350mm (14in) to 500mm (20in) widths. The plough is a semi-mounted single wheel unit, offering both on-land and in-furrow options for large scale arable units and contractors running tractors up to 405hp.

The patented KUHN tilt correction system helps to reduce fuel use, lower slippage, and reduce wear on the plough. The system is compatible with GPS to streamline the relationship between tractor and machine and constantly adjusts  to maintain optimum working width while maximising the tractors power in both on-land and in-furrow formats.

Edd Fanshawe, KUHN’s arable product specialist, says the tilt correction system will increase working efficiency. “Tilt correction is standard on the full range of MULTI-LEADER XT models and allows ploughs up to 9 furrows to align with the tractor’s pull line. The system will help users achieve the most efficient ploughing operation, especially when combined with GPS.” 

On-land users can operate tracked or twin tracked machines up to 4.5m wide. This setup helps to reduce fuel consumption and increase comfort, while lowering compaction of the furrow base. Tool-free adjustment of levelling, tilt and offset save users time when setting up and making changes during work to suit conditions.

Other new features include a Z-beam to accommodate the single 1,200mm x 500mm wheel position within the main beam to allow a streamlined and compact design. A bevelled rear extension helps operators plough tightly to fences and hedges, while a press arm is available for both on-land and in-furrow setups. The new design lets trailed presses work up to the edge of the field but maintain a safe road transport position when folded.

Edd concludes: “The plough is still a vital tool in the cultivation strategy for many farms and even growers who previously turned away from ploughing are now using one in a targeted way. These updates to the MULTI-LEADER XT increase the options for operators after high output ploughs.”

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