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Get between the rows

The BV 10 Series of shredders, with working widths of 0.96 to 1.53 m are perfectly suited to vineyards and orchards. They have been specially designed to mulch small prunings.

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Shredding between rows in vineyards and orchards is the key to speeding up decomposition and conversion of organic matter into humus, but also helps to control the spread of pests, diseases and weeds. Shredding preserves plant health by increasing the contact surface between organic matter and microorganisms: pests have neither time nor space to develop in vine shoots or prunings.
The subsequent transformation into humus results in increased nutrients available to feed crops and fertilise soils, improved soil structure and stability and stimulation of biological activity. When performed before seeding, shredding helps control weeds from spreading by avoiding their dispersal, thus reducing the use of herbicides.
It also effectively limits evapotranspiration and protects the soil surface from solar radiation by optimising its cover with shredded material. As a result, water resources are preserved and remain available for plants during drier periods
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Your benefits

Enjoy a reliable shredder for your vineyards

BV 10 series range of whic the BV 14 shredder perfectly adapted to vineyards

A shredder adapted to vineyards and orchards

Available with rear attachment, the BV 10 series is perfectly adapted to tractors up to 90 hp. The low position of the casing allows you to pass between plants without damaging them. The opening of the casing can reach 29 cm, making it one of the highest on the market, to best adapt to the height and size of the row. The prunings are no longer dragged in the space between the rows, they are collected and shredded finely in order to optimise decomposition and restore organic matter to the soil. With this shredder, you benefit from an excellent shredding quality of branches and wood up to 5 cm in diameter.

Maximum reliability for BV 10 series shredders

A roller with removable ends provides height adjustment and support across the entire working width. The new design of the hammer knives prevents marking of the rotor in the case of an impact. The risk of vibration, tube deformation or rotor imbalance is reduced. With 1.2 kg hammer knives, 3 standard counter blades and a 398 mm rotor, you obtain quality shredding for rapid residue decomposition.
The hammer knives of shredders BV 10 series allow preventing rotor tube marking in case of impact

Easy and fast maintenance

Maintenance is simple and fast with the BV 10 series shredders

Save time and money

Rollers with removable ends for professional use are easily adjustable for lower-cost maintenance. Power transmission is enhanced with the new PowerQuad IV belts and the new high-performance central gearbox. You'll save time and money with this reliable drive and the minimum maintenance requirement.

Numerous equipment

Optional equipment allow adapting the shredder to the various conditions of work

Optional equipment available to adapt your shredder

All standard shredding components (the roller and flails) are designed for intensive use. There is also additional equipment that can be added (pick-up, inter-row hydraulic disc etc.) to perfectly adapt these machines to your conditions.
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