Belt Mergers

The MERGE MAXX belt merger is a super versatile machine. It has the unique ability to collect all types of forage in a gentle manor to maximise the preservation of the nutritional value, whilst minimising the introduction of impurities. The different swathing options will allow you to adapt the swath based on the volume of forage and the collection process. The MERGE MAXX offers swath widths from 7.50 m to 11 m in a single pass.


KUHN is expanding its range of belt mergers with the release of a front-mounted MERGE MAXX 440 F model. This machine combines the desire to harvest forage with the lowest possible level of impurities and the need to reduce operating costs of harvesting machines.

MERGE MAXX 760-950-1090

These belt mergers are ideal for contractors and machinery cooperatives but also for individual farms. The 2 independent pick-ups offer side or central delivery with several combination possibilities. Rake up to 30 m forage and gain up to 3 kph.

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