Mounted Twin Disc Spreaders

KUHN fertiliser spreaders offer excellent application rate control, high quality distribution standards and easy adjustment. The MDS models (500-2000 l) offer working widths from 10 m to 24 m, but also localised spreading systems (in 2 strips or 7 rows). AXIS models (1000-4200 l) offer working widths from 12 m to 50 m.

MDS .2

MDS .2 and MDS.2 W mounted fertiliser spreaders provide working widths of 10 to 24m (depending on the discs and products used). Their single-cone hopper has a capacity of 500 to 2,000l.


Check out AXIS mounted fertiliser spreaders with working widths of 12 to 50 m and capacities from 1,000 to 4,200 l.

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