Genuine parts for shredders

pièces détachées agricoles d'origine KUHN pour broyeur

Special attention should be paid to spare parts for shredders, to guarantee that your machine works effectively with all types of plant residue.

What parts do shredders consist of? 

Shredder parts consist mainly of wear parts such as hammers, flails, and attachment parts. Wear skids and roller ends are also parts that need to be in good condition. Different hammers and flails are needed to shred different types of residues.

Pièces détachées agricoles pour broyeur - Fléaux longévité

Shredder hammers 

Shredder hammers are made of high-strength, heat-treated steel, and fitted onto treated rods. This manufacturing process leads to reduced wear and guarantees great shredding, long-term. The helical layout of the hammers ensures perfect residue pickup.

For grass residues, hammer knives, such as part number 6061900, do a great job.

Marteau cuillère 6061900

For grass residues in difficult conditions (with stones for example), we recommend our articulated hammer knives, such as part number JX135698.

Marteau mobile JX135698

For grass and wood residues (vine shoots, cut wood), heavy hammer knives are ideal, such as part number J1891002.

Marteau lourd J1891002

For fallow land and woody crop residues, opt for long hammer knives, such as part number 6061699.

Marteau cuillère long 6061699

Shredder flails 

There are many shredder flails on a rotor. Using poor-condition flails or having flails missing will cause the rotor to be out of balance 

For grass residues (only), articulated scoop flails, such as part number JX133982, with a specific rotor, do a great job (it is not possible to fit other tools).

Fléau broyeur

Universal knives for shredders

For undergrowth, universal knives, such as part number JX142847 are recommended,

Couteau Y de broyeur JX142847

For undergrowth in difficult conditions (stones, etc.), articulated universal knives, such as part number J1891018, are recommended. 

Couteau Y mobile J1891018

For clearing woody crop residues (stubble), universal straight knives, such as part number J1551000, are the most effective.

Couteau Y droit J1551000

For field-crop residues (like maize seed, or wheat straw, etc.), the suction effect increases. That’s why we recommend using universal knives and stubble pallets combined, such as part number J1551138

Palette J1551138

Pallet knives for shredders

For grass, you can use pallet knives, such as part number J1861101

Palettes de broyeurs référence J1861101
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