Genuine parts for hay & silage-making equipment

Pièces d'origine KUHN pour récolte de fourrage

Forage can be of lower quality if the spare parts on your hay & silage-making machines are not adapted. Choosing your agricultural parts is an important part of a successful harvest.

What are the different parts of hay & silage-making equipment? 

Certain parts are your allies in the optimisation of hay & silage making, such as knives for mowers, and tines for tedders and rakes. 

Knives for hay & silage-making equipment 


KUHN knives are subject to many stresses during harvesting operations. When produced, the knives are heat treated which increases their hardness. Thus, they can withstand deformation without breaking or showing the slightest sign of cracking:

  • > 3.5mm-thick knives can withstand a 45° deformation 
  • < 3.5mm-thick knives can withstand a 75° deformation 

In addition, they undergo a tempering process to give them flexibility and are finally coated with paint.

Couteau faucheuse KUHN


Available in Fast-Fit version, this system provides a certain number of benefits, such as pre-stressed leaf springs and grooved screws to hold the knives in place. The recess in the skid means that knives can only be released in one place and with a special tool for knife replacement.

Patin de disque KUHN

Bolts can be replaced individually, which keeps costs down.

FAST-FIT quick-release knife attachment


Each knife is designed for a special purpose, for different working conditions:

Triple 5 knives

For intensive operations, KUHN offers 5mm-thick knives which feature: 

  • Excellent abrasion-resistance properties.
  • A service life four to five times longer than 4mm knives.
  • High resistance to deformation.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to a particularly favourable cost/service life ratio, not forgetting the savings in time spent.

In addition, with a width of 55mm, forage flow to the rear of the machine is optimised.

Pièce détachée agricole couteau 55mm


Optidisc Elite

KUHN OPTIDISC ELITE cutter-bar knives for mowers ensure perfect forage flow and impeccable quality of cut. With OPTIDISC ELITE technology, grass is cut once only. 

KUHN Optidisc cutter bar

Divergent discs

To achieve this, the distance between discs varies:

  • Divergent discs: less space in between discs for increased overlap and a great cut.
  • Convergent discs: more space in between discs means easier passage for cut forage.
KUHN OPTIDISC key visuals


PROTECTADRIVE safety protects the cutter bar’s gear train. In the event of an impact with an obstacle, the disc shaft can shear just above the bearing thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove. Repair costs and downtime are consequently lower.

Photo illustrant la sécurité de couteaux de machine de fourrage

Here is a selection of knives available for hay & silage making equipment:

DIGIDRIVE for hay & silage making

The DIGIDRIVE system consists of forged, case-hardened steel fingers for excellent wear resistance, in any position. It is highly reliable and requires no maintenance.

Photo d'une pièce d'entraînement Digidrive pour la récolte des fourrages

Tines for hay & silage making



  • KUHN tines are agricultural spare parts made of special spring steel with different diameters: 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5mm.
  • Tines are fully shot-peened. This provides resistance in the elastic zone and a travel range of 45cm.
  • Powder paint is used to improve its corrosion-resistance qualities and a longer tine life.
Photo d'une fourche pour andaineur K8823270

Optimised position

  • Rake tines have free coils which makes them flexible, efficient, and harder wearing. 
  • Tedders have imprinted arms which give the tines an optimum 90° position. This means that forage can be turned effectively without damaging the sward.

Here is a selection of tines available for hay & silage making equipment:

Spires des fourches d'andaineurs KUHN

Gearboxes for hay & silage making 


KUHN has developed fully enclosed gearboxes for rakes that fully protect drive components and improve resistance to wear. This concept is what makes the MASTERDRIVE gearbox so successful and ensures exceptional reliability and longevity, even with intensive jobs.

Photo illustrant une pièce d'entraînement avec une résistance fiable MASTER DRIVE
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