Genuine parts for sprayers

Pièces détachées pour pulvérisateur agricole KUHN

For healthy crop growth, product application must be precise, so it is essential that the different sprayer parts are in good condition. You can’t afford to stop your spraying job in the middle of the season, which is why KUHN provides high-quality spare parts with fast delivery times.

Pump, filter, and connector accessories

Pump accessories

Piston-diaphragm pumps are easy to use, especially during start-up. The diaphragm is resistant to most crop-protection products and fertilisers, preventing premature pump wear. Proper maintenance and replacing diaphragms, valves and seals regularly lengthens the life of the pump and maintains the high-performance necessary in the field.

Pompe de pulvérisateur d'origine KUHN


Our agricultural spraying filters are designed to reduce nozzle blockage and ensure spraying quality. The filtering mesh is different depending on the application. If a filter gets clogged, follow the technical maintenance instructions, and replace it if necessary.

Filtres pour pulvérisateurs agricoles KUHN

Here is a selection of nozzle holders for your agricultural sprayer


Boom-supply connectors play an important role. They must withstand the different pipe positions during the boom unfolding sequences. The connectors are easy to dismantle and reassemble if they have to be replaced.

Raccord d'alimentation pour pulvérisateur agricole KUHN

Nozzles and spray booms for sprayers


Nozzles come in different materials. We recommend ceramic nozzles for a longer service life and higher application precision. Whatever your requirements, KUHN has a range of nozzles suited to different applications: classic slot nozzles, anti-drift nozzles, liquid fertiliser nozzles, etc.

Buse pour pulvérisateur agricole KUHN

The KUHN nozzle configurator is there to help you choose the perfect nozzle for you (technology, ground speed, application rate, etc.). 

Here is a selection of nozzles:

Nozzle holder

KUHN sprayer nozzle holders are all to ISO standard in terms of nozzle dimension. They adapt to many nozzle types on the market easily and quickly.

Porte-jet pour pulvérisateur agricole KUHN

Here is a selection of nozzle holders for your agricultural sprayer:

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