Genuine parts for hedge and grass cutter


Are you looking for genuine parts for your KUHN hedge and grass cutter: flails and hammer knives?

Y-flails and T-flails are wearing parts that play an important role on your hedge cutter.

Y flails for hedge and grass cutters

Y Flais for hedge


KUHN’s wide flails are more resistant to impacts. They are specially designed and optimised to ensure high-quality output in difficult conditions:

  • The edge of the shackle ring is reinforced (10 mm) which means a larger contact area between the flail and the shackle
  • The curved section is thicker (10 mm) than the cutting edge (7 mm) to absorb the shocks
  • They are harder than other HRC 50 flails on the market
Pièces détachées pour épareuse - fléaux KUHN


Hedge and grass cutter flails have a narrow waist, leaving the 10 % extra weight concentrated mainly at the extremities:

  • Making them harder wearing
  • Giving them greater inertia at work

Here is one type of flail available for you hedge and grass cutter :
Part number A5407231 

Pièces détachées pour épareuse - fléaux A5407231 KUHN

T-flails for grass cutters


Just like the Y-flails, the T-flails undergo hardening, tempering and sandblasting treatments.  The steel-fibre part is forged and machined to increase resistance to impacts and wear.

Pièce détachées épareuse - Marteaux KUHN


The shape of the T-flail is specially designed to facilitate soil sliding along its length. It is a self-sharpening part which produces a great-quality cut over time.

There is a large contact area between the axle and the mounting for improved stress distribution.

Marteaux profil affûtant

Here is a selection of T-flails for your grass cutter

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