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Pièces de charrue agricole KUHN

To plough effectively, it is important to choose the right parts for your machine. KUHN’s plough parts are designed to fit your KUHN plough perfectly. Given that these genuine spare parts were created especially for the machine, they provide optimal output quality, give you control over power requirement, and guarantee that all of the machine parts work properly.

What parts does a plough consist of

Ploughs consist of many wear parts, including points, shares, mouldboards, shins, landsides, blade coulters, skimmers, and landside points and heels.

What is a plough point?

Points are wearing parts fitted to shares for improved soil penetration. Points are the most frequently replaced wearing part. Plough points also protect and reduce the wear of other plough parts.


KUHN points are forged in a 1500-ton press at our Châteaubriant factory, in the west of France. Mastery in dropforging and heat treatment ensures excellent wear resistance in any conditions.  The metal is thicker in the high-wear areas of the point, i.e., the extremities.

Charrue Vari Master L On Land


The shape of KUHN plough points helps to keep fuel consumption down and create uniform wear, on any terrain.

Voici les étapes de fabrication des pointes de charrue agricole KUHN

Here is a selection of SEMI-MARATHON plough point

These points are specially designed for stony plots with a rocky bottom. 

Here is a selection of MARATHON plough point

These points are specially designed for stony plots with a rocky bottom.

New Generation of Olympic Points

Discover the new generation of OLYMPIC points

Discover the Olympic Points

Here is a selection of OLYMPIC plough point

KUHN OLYMPIC points are extra thick in the high-wear areas. This design lengthens the service life of the part and keeps its shape over time to carry out homogeneous ploughing.

This part has a self-sharpening profile which gives it a long-lasting and constant penetration capacity. Its trapezoidal shape allows soil to flow over the mouldboards and protect the landside.

This point with a heavy-duty end, has a service life 20% longer (depending on conditions of use) than a MARATHON point.

Carbide solutions: parts with DURAKARB technology

The KUHN range includes SUPER-MARATHON points reinforced with carbide plates. This enables you to plough a larger surface area compared to a standard point.

Here is a selection of SUPER-MARATHON plough point

Plough shares

What is a share?

The share’s job is to cut into the land to the depth you want. The soil slides over the share to the shin and then onto the mouldboard to mix in all crop residues.

Charrue Vari Master L On Land

How KUHN plough shares are made? 

Plough shares are made in KUHN factories where mastery in dropforging and heat treatment makes them very hard-wearing in any conditions. A special study was carried out to produce the specific profile that provides a long service life. They are designed to ensure that KUHN ploughs do a great job throughout their entire lifespan.

Photo illustrant la fabrication des socs de charrue KUHN


Genuine KUHN shares are highly resistant to wear due to dropforging and heat-treatment, carried out in our own factories.

They are designed to be hard wearing so that ploughing quality remains constant over time, with no increase in power requirement. These genuine KUHN parts ensure excellent soil penetration and great work from the plough bodies throughout their service life.


The forged blade coulter version protects the shin and the mouldboard on your KUHN plough and creates a cleaner furrow bottom for enhanced tractor adherence

Les socs de charrue KUHN

Our range of plough shares 

soc de charrue au carbure

Find out more about carbide parts

Discover our range


Carbide solution: parts with DURAKARB technology

Shares are available with DURAKARB technology carbide plates. Their service life lasts 4 times longer than shares without carbide plates.

Plough mouldboards and shins

What is a plough shin?

The shin is the triangular part at the front of the mouldboard that receives the flow of soil before turning it. The shin gets worn quicker than the mouldboard, but as it is cheaper to replace than the mouldboard, it contributes to cost reduction.

What is a plough mouldboard?

The mouldboard is the most important part of the plough. Its job is to turn the earth with the crop residues, in preparation for the next crop.


Designed in our Châteaubriant factory in the west of France, KUHN TRIPLEX mouldboards and shins, with unequal layers, are more wear resistant when compared to equal-layer mouldboards and shins owing to their thicker wear reserve. These KUHN parts are harder wearing so have a longer service life.

Fabrication d'une étrave à charrue dans usine KUHN

TRIPLEX technology

TRIPLEX shins with unequal layers are more wear resistant when compared to equal-layer shins and mouldboards owing to their thicker wear reserve. These KUHN parts are harder wearing so have a longer service life.

Versoir de charrue bénéficiant de la technologie TRIPLEX


The dimensions of the shin ensure great mouldboard and frog protection. This agricultural part keeps costs down by reducing wear and, therefore, the frequency of mouldboard replacement.


Different genuine KUHN bodies are available. Both the slatted and helical Scandinavian bodies are specially designed to meet the needs of the different crops and cultivation methods from around the world.

Here is a selection of Genuine KUHN mouldboard

Here is a selection of Genuine KUHN shins

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