Genuine parts for balers and wrappers

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Are you looking for genuine parts for your KUHN baler and wrapper: knives, chains and sprockets, pick-up tines?

What are the different parts of a baler? 

The main spare parts for balers are pick-up tines and guides, rotor knives, belts and driveline parts such as sprockets and chains.

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Cutting system: baler knives 


The design and shape of our baler knives, specially designed for KUHN machines, makes them excellent forage cutters as well as being quick and easy to change. On top of that, forage quality and nutritional value are preserved.

Here is a selection of knives available for your baler


You can combine baler knives with rotor tines made of HARDOX reinforced steel. These parts ensure minimum tine wear and a simple and maintenance-free system.

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Driveline: baler chains and sprockets


Some baler models are equipped with a continuous oil-lubrication system for the chains and sprockets. Consequently, the service life of the driveline is prolonged.

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KUHN balers are equipped with HD-chains to ensure maximum performance. By opting for KUHN drive chains, you get high-performance from your parts all through the season without having to worry about downtime.


All the intake parts, such as the pick-up or the intake rollers, on KUHN LSB and SB balers, are fully protected by a cam-clutch torque limiter. The clutches are fitted as closely as possible to the parts they protect. The essential parts of your machine are no longer at risk of being damaged. 

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Pick-up tines for balers


On our KUHN balers, the pick-up tines are designed to obtain high tensile strength. This means that the crop is picked up free of dirt and is transferred smoothly to the rotor.


Genuine KUHN pick-up tines are at just the right angle and length to pick up all the forage in any type of windrow. With this pick-up system, your baler performs beautifully in the most difficult conditions.

Here is a selection of pick-up tines available for your baler

What are the different parts of a wrapper?

The wrapping function can be combined with the baler directly. We also offer wrappers for solo-wrapping operations. Whatever wrapper you use, it is important to check the condition of the film-cutting knives regularly. It is also essential to keep the pre-stretching rollers clean and in good condition. 

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