Semi-Mounted Reversible Ploughs

KUHN's MANAGER, LEADER and CHALLENGER range of semi-mounted reversible ploughs offers a wide range of body options (from 5 to 12) for a more efficent operation and less soil compaction. With their simple and easily accessible adjustments, these ploughs are among the best on the market for their work quality, manoeuvrability and adaptability to all soil conditions.


The VARI-LEADER models are available from 6 to 8 bodies for equipping tractors from 135 to 360 hp.


The VARI-MANAGER semi-mounted plough is available with 5 to 8 bodies to equip tractors from 150 to 240 hp.


The CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough is available from 7 to 12 bodies to equip tractors from 200 to 500 hp.


The semi-mounted variable width plough with rear body lift for instant adaptation to your needs.


Available in 7 to 9 furrows for tractors from 180 to 405 hp, the MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single-wheel plough combines endurance and working performance.

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