VARI-LEADER semi-mounted ploughs

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The single-wheel plough that maximises your efficiency

The VARI-LEADER models are available from 6 to 8 bodies for equipping tractors from 135 to 360 hp.

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The single-wheel semi-mounted VARI-LEADER ploughs have been developed to enhance your traction power and increase your work output. You save precious time making U-turns in headlands thanks to the outstanding manoeuvrability of the VARI-LEADER range.
Simple, easy-to-access and tool-free settings allow you to achieve perfect ploughing whatever the working conditions.
The VARI-LEADER models are available from 6 to 8 bodies for tractors from 135 to 360 hp. The VARI-LEADER range perfectly meets the requirements of farms and contractors alike.
VARI-LEADER plough at work

Your benefits

Increasing the work output means simplicity

View of the VARI-LEADER plough making a U-turn in headland

A design conceived to save you time

The models of the VARI-LEADER range have been designed to make your work easier:
  • the turning radius of 110° allows the reduced size headlands to be created;
  • a significant distance between the stem and the first point allows you to work without risk of tractor damage even in the shortest U-turns. This means less fatigue and more serenity at work.
  • the number of distributors to operate during U-turns is reduced thanks to a hydraulic sequence fitted as standard throughout the range.
  • optimal comfort thanks to a gradual U turn. U-turns are done smoothly by two single-acting telescopic cylinders. Pressure on the lift arms of the tractor is reduced.

Simple settings for superior results

The main settings are done without tools and are easily identifiable:
  • The adjustment of the working depth is done by aluminium wedges easily accessible on the lift cylinder. Changing the ploughing depth couldn't be simpler!
  • Precise adjustment of the vertical adjustment made using independent crank stop screws on the left and right.
  • For optimal ploughing, the front furrow adjustment (position of the first body relative to the tractor tyre which is in the furrow) is set using a mechanical tie rod.
  • As an option, a hydraulic cylinder offers the possibility of adjustment from the tractor cab. An indicator visible from the tractor seat allows tracking during changing conditions.
View of the settings of the VARI-LEADER plough

Clearly optimised ploughing

Maximise your surface with a reduced extrusion of the wheel:
Working close to the field edges is essential for maximising the useful agricultural area but also for limiting the development of weeds around the field. In order to meet this demand, the wheel has been positioned as close to the undercarriage as possible thanks to its "Z" shape. Its extrusion is greatly reduced.

Opt for easy ploughing with a large-sized wheel:
Reducing the need for traction, good lift and working in difficult late-autumn conditions require a very large sized wheel. For this, KUHN offers 2 types of wheels to meet your needs:
    - A ribbed profile with diameter 1000 x 500 mm
    - An agricultural profile with diameter 1200 x 500 mm
View from above of the VARI-LEADER plough at work

Unbeatable reliability

View 100% integrated linkage of the VARI-LEADER plough

Robust structure, a guarantee of reliability

The design and dimensions of the VARI-LEADER range meets the most severe intensities.
Designed for tractors from 135 to 360 hp, this model has a beam of 180 x 180 mm
which gives it a great robustness
 To fit all medium and high power tractors, a wide choice of coupling categories is available (categories 3, 4N, 4, K700 and Quickhitch 3 and 4N). For greater versatility, only the spacers have to be changed in order to move from one category to another!

The variable width linkage is fully integrated into the beam; where it is protected from external interference (shocks related to the fall of earth or stones during U turns, dust, humidity, etc.). Maintenance-free, it saves you precious time.
The VARI-LEADER is the only single-wheeled plough on the market with the linkage integrated into the "Z" of the beam (patented KUHN system)!

T and NSH safety devices for optimal protection

T traction bolt safety device to work in non-stony conditions:
    - the force at the point of the ploughshare of 4 000 kg avoids any unnessary breakage
    - the bolt breakage by stretching protects the structure when encountering an obstacle
    - no risk of damage to the structural parts
    - ease and speed of bolt replacement when it is broken

Non-Stop Hydraulic safety, ideal in the abundant presence of stones:
    - in heavy conditions, rapid adaptation of the force at the tip of the ploughshare (600 to 1500 kg) to avoid the flicking or lifting up of stones;
    - centralised adjustment of the force of the tip on all the bodies for a saving of time;
    - immediate return to the land after the passing of the obstacle thanks to a specific tripping curve;
    - vertical clearance of 70 cm and lateral 20 cm (left and right) for full protection of the structure
    - instant adjustment of the pressure at the tip of the ploughshare from the driving cabin (VARIBAR option)
    - possibility of resetting the force at the tip of the ploughshare up to 2500 kg (option MAXIBAR) to work in very heavy clay soil.
View of the NSH safety device of the VARI-LEADER plough at work

Options and equipment that make the difference

View of the VARI-LEADER plough in out of line work

In-furrow and on land ploughing

The on land system is available for making the most of the traction power and reducing fuel consumption. The transmission of power to the soil sometimes requires the use of either wide tyres, twin wheels or tracks, which no longer allow for in-furrow ploughing.
On land ploughing also offers other significant advantages:
  • agronomic: significant reduction in the risk of soil compaction and preventing furrow base smoothness
  • comfort in use: more comfort for the driver as the tractor is permanently on a flat and unworked surface
  • economic: reduced wear of the tyre sidewalls in stony conditions.

The on-land kit enables ploughing with tractors with overall widths of up to  4.20 m. Moreover, when conditions are no longer satisfactory, it is possible to work in-furrow.
On-land ploughing guarantees a perfect control of the working depth. The regularity of the working depth is ensured by two large diamter wheels (690 mm).

Quality wearing parts for better profitability

A multitude of bodies and skimmers can equip the VARI-LEADER plough to meet the needs of each farmer.
Our forged and treated wearing parts push the limits of use. In fact, the mastery of forging and heat treatment processes offer very good wear resistance in all conditions and increase the life of parts by 20%. Their design has been developed for optimal penetration and work quality throughout their life.
The ploughshares and carbide tips push the usage limits of your plough and reduce the cost per hectare. Carbide multiplies the service life of your wear parts by five!
For even more longevity, we offer TRIPLEX mouldboards, exclusive to KUHN!
The TRIPLEX consists of 3 layers of different hardnesses and thicknesses to optimise the wear resistance of the mouldboards:
  1. The 3.3mm wear face consists of a thicker and extremely hard layer to push the limits
  2. The central, 2.3mm layer is softer to absorb shocks and allow some deformation
  3. The last layer is a very thin and hard layer to maintain the rigidity of the structure.
The TRIPLEX with uneven layers combined with heat treatment increases the life of your mouldboards by 40%.
Detailed view of the three unequal layers found on the TRIPLEX mouldboards

Disc coulter: a perfect finish to your ploughing

Disc coulters bring many benefits to ploughing both in terms of quality of work and easy travelling in the presence of abundant residues.
The first role of the disc coulter is to cleanly chop up the vegetation layer that covers the ground before ploughing. This greatly facilitates the plough pass by limiting the risk of blockages.
This pre-chopping also helps the strip of earth to turn over and ensures a better burying of residues. The wall is cleaner and the line bottom freed-up which offers an optimal depth regularity and a much more homogeneous ploughed surface.
View of the disc coulters on a VARI-LEADER plough


View of the VARI-LEADER plough during on land work


View of the VARI-LEADER plough turn at the headlands
View of the VARI-LEADER plough settings

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