Reversible semi-mounted plough MULTI-LEADER XT

Silhouette of the MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single-wheel plough

Ultimate robustness

Available in 7 to 9 furrows for tractors from 180 to 405 hp, the MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single-wheel plough combines endurance and working performance.

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The KUHN MULTI-LEADER XT plough offers very high work rates with the ease of use of a mounted plough.

Available in 7, 8 or 9 furrows, it requires a traction power ranging from 180 to 405 hp. This new generation of LEADER ploughs has a heavy-duty design for working in the most intensive conditions. Equipped with the new tilt correction system, patented by KUHN, the MULTI-LEADER XT and the tractor are perfectly aligned for optimum ploughing.

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Dynamic design

The MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted plough has a modular and scalable frame

Modular and scalable frame

The MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single-wheel plough is particularly suitable for high-powered tractors. Its frame, with its 180 x 180 mm beam, is designed for extreme conditions. Double thickness reinforcements are placed in the areas subject to high stress.
The KUHN MULTI-LEADER XT plough has a modular frame with 4 possible configurations:
  • 7 bodies (3+4);
  • 8 bodies (3+4+1);
  • 8 bodies (4+4);
  • 9 bodies (4+4+1).
The extension of the last body is removable according to the working conditions. Moreover, this extension is bevelled in order to work closer to fences and hedges.
This evolutionary design gives the MULTI-LEADER XT a real versatility of work combining the work rate of a semi-mounted plough and the manoeuvrability of a mounted plough.

A single-wheel plough

The MULTI-LEADER XT is a semi-mounted single-wheel plough with a large diameter pneumatic wheel, 1200x500 mm for maximum traction. The lugged profile of the wheel allows the plough to pass in all conditions while minimising soil compaction.
The Z-shaped frame beam reduces the space requirement and the wheel overhang for working close to the axle.
View of the MULTI-LEADER XT wheel

Multiple working width adjustment

With the MULTI width, the MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single-wheel plough is ideal for ploughing in homogeneous fields with high work rates.
The MULTI-LEADER XT can plough from 14 to 20 inches (35 to 50 cm). The width can be changed without tools at any time, even while working. The cutting width indicator is visible from the cab. The tie rod adjustment optimises the wheel drift and ensures a better distribution of the forces on the frame.
View of the multiple working width adjustment of the MULTI-LEADER XT

The right plough for your ploughing conditions

The MULTI-LEADER XT in the furrow version is particularly recommended in heterogeneous fields

On-land ploughing

To make the most of the available traction power, the MULTI-LEADER XT offers the possibility do on-land ploughing. Ploughing out of the furrow reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear, while at the same time improving working comfort as the tractor works flat. In addition, it prevents the furrow bottom from being compacted and the creation of a plough sole. When on-land ploughing, the overall ground pressure is reduced by almost 30%. The MULTI-LEADER XT On Land is ideally suited for use with tracked or twin tractors up to 4.5 metres in overall width. If necessary, the MULTI-LEADER XT OL can be switched back to the furrow version, even when working, depending on the work to be done.

Furrow ploughing

The MULTI-LEADER XT in the furrow version is particularly recommended in heterogeneous fields and in very wet conditions. When working in the furrow, the tyres exploit their full potential for maximum grip and traction.
The MULTI-LEADER XT in the furrow version is particularly recommended in heterogeneous fields

Safety T-bolt or Non-Stop Hydraulic

KUHN offers 2 types of safety devices to equip the MULTI-LEADER XT plough:
  • The T traction bolt safety device is intended for land with few stones. This is an economical and durable safety device which can withstand a load of up to 4,700 kg on the share tip, thus avoiding untimely stresses. The bolt can be replaced quickly and easily. In addition, the ploughing depth is maintained even if the safety device is triggered.

  • The Non-Stop Hydraulic safety device offers a quick adjustment to the working conditions. When an obstacle is encountered, the tip resistance increases, giving it more energy when returning to the ground. The VARIBAR option allows you to vary the pressure at the tip of the body in real time from the cab. With the MAXIBAR option, the NSH safety system is increased from an instantaneous resistance of 1,500 kg to a maximum of 2,500 kg for ploughing in heavy soil.
The MULTI-LEADER XT equipped with T traction bolt safety device

Combining productivity and quality of work

Thanks to the tilt correction system, the MULTI-LEADER XT is perfectly aligned with the tractor.

Perfectly aligned

KUHN has developed a tilt correction system, available as standard, to ensure optimum alignment between the plough and the tractor. By adjusting the working trajectory of the MULTI-LEADER XT plough, the user optimises the tractor's pulling power. This adjustment, patented by KUHN, allows easier and more economical driving with less slippage, lower fuel consumption and less wear. All this while guaranteeing a precise working width, especially in GPS. Tilt correction is possible over the entire working range of the MULTI-LEADER XT plough (from 14 to 20 inches) on the furrow and ON LAND versions.

180° turning

The semi-mounted single-wheel plough is equipped with two large single-acting cylinders, right and left, for turning. These two push cylinders ensure smooth and jerk-free turning operations up to 180° depending on the plumb stop setting. Switching to transport mode is totally safe thanks to the 1/4 turn valves on each cylinder.
Finally, the hydraulic sequence of the turning/offset kinematics is included as standard on MULTI-LEADER XT ON LAND ploughs to optimise turning and manoeuvrability.
Optimised turning and manoeuvrability with the KUHN MULTI-LEADER XT plough

Intuitive skimmer adjustment

The 3D-SKIM adjustment allows the adjustment of the working depth and the angle of attack of the skimmer. This innovation, which was introduced on the MASTER L mounted plough, is now available as standard on the MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted single disc ploughs. With a simple operation and without the use of any tools, the burying of the plants is significantly improved. In addition, the new, more ergonomic shape of the skimmer makes it easier to remove the material, even when there is a lot of residue.
The MULTI-LEADER XT semi-mounted plough features intuitive 3D-SKIM adjustment