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KUHN expands SITERA mounted drill range

KUHN Farm Machinery has extended its range of mechanical combination seed drills with the launch of the SITERA 100 series, offering three models with a variety of coulter and seeding unit options depending on application.

All three new models offer a 3m working width and either 24 rows at 12.5cm intervals, or 20 rows offering 15cm spacings. The key difference between each model – 310, 320 and 330 – is the type of coulter arrangement fitted to the individual machines. The SITERA 310 can be fitted with Suffolk coulters; SITERA 320 models feature a single disc coulter; while the SITERA 330 has KUHN’s SEEDFLEX 100 distribution seeding head, with double disc coulters arranged over two rows on a parallelogram and press wheel set-up. The three options offer users the choice of a basic or more advanced seed placement. 
The range is aimed at tractors from 100hp up to 250hp and the SITERA 100 models are compatible with KUHN’s HRB 302, HRB 303, HR 304 and HR 3004 power harrows. These feature different rollers or tines to adapt to various soil types and working conditions.

Each seed drill has a 600-litre hopper, with the seeding unit fixed to the roller of the power harrow. The design positions the weight closer to the tractor, allowing a closer centre of gravity to the tractor and a reduced rear lift capacity.  The SITERA drills feature the HELICA volumetric helical spline metering unit. However, users after increased ease of use can add an electrically driven version on the SITERAe. This allows easier setup via an automatic calibration button and manual adjustment of seed application rate from the tractor cab using the terminal, or automatically via GPS. Automatic seed control during headland turns via section control is also an option.

SITERA 310_Slider

In-cab controls for non-Isobus tractors include KUHN’s VT 30, CCI 800 or CCI 1200 terminals, which are also popular with users wanting to keep Isobus and tractor functions separate. The VT 30 offers metering and drive wheel monitoring, tramline control, work records and a low-level seed sensor.
Prices start at £17,135 for the SITERA 320 M at 15cm row spacings, while the SITERA 320 E with 12.5cm rows is £20,565.

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