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KUHN to attend South West Dairy Show supporting T H White

KUHN Farm Machinery will be supporting its dealer T H White at the South West Dairy Show on 4 October, where visitors can see a wide range of grassland machinery to increase output and forage quality next season.

On the stand will be KUHN’s GF 13003 T trailed tedder, which features 12 small diameter OPTITEDD rotors with a reduced distance between the wheels and tines to limit contamination. Other features to reduce impurities in the forage include KUHN’s Headland Lift Control, offering greater height clearance when negotiating headland turns.  

Rhodri Jenkins, KUHN’s grassland product specialist, says the GF 13003 T will appeal for several reasons. “For users looking to increase forage quality, the GF 13003 T offers a wide range of features that are designed to reduce contamination and keep forage as clean as possible when tedding.” 

Alongside the GF 13003 T, visitors to the stand can also see the SW 4014 AutoLoad round and square baler wrapper, offering users the ability to wrap square bales up to 200cm long and round bales up to 140cm in diameter, without mechanical adjustments. In work mode, the wrapper’s hydraulic sliding frame extends to 4m wide, running offset to the tractor, allowing users a drive through operation when loading bales. 

The SW 4014 also features AutoLoad, a fully automatic wrapping system that can load, wrap, and unload a bale without the driver stopping.

SW 4014 wrapping a square bale with in front of the tractor a square bale

Rhodri explains how it works: 

“The AutoLoad sensor is positioned on top of the frame and identifies the outer perimeter of the bale, working alongside the wheel sensor to measure speed and distance from the bale. The loading arms move into the pre-loading position and activate to ensure the bale is collected in the centre of the rollers. The driver can then move to the next bale as the wrapping is completed and the bale is unloaded, allowing a nonstop wrapping process, increasing output compared with a standard wrapper, and reducing operator fatigue.”

For farmers looking to streamline the daily bedding and feeding jobs, KUHN’s Profile Plus 22.2DM mixing and feeding wagon can combine the two roles into one machine.  Alongside its feeding system, a front mounted straw-blowing turbine can blow straw up to 18m, reducing the requirement to have an extra tractor and dedicated bedding machine. KUHN’s POLYDRIVE system lets the turbine reach operating speed before a hydraulic pulley engages the straw feed, helping to reduce the risk of blockages.
 Alongside these three machines, the FC 3125 DF-FF front mounted mower conditioner will be at the show and KUHN specialists will be on hand to support dealer sales staff from T H White. 

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