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The first patent of the MASTERDRIVE gearbox is celebrating its 30th anniversary!


The first patent for the MASTERDRIVE gearbox fitted to most KUHN rotary rakes was filed in 1994. KUHN has since continued to develop its concept in line with developments in agricultural practices. The MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox, currently available on the market, has been designed to cope with greater stress on the drive chain. This is mainly due to increased working widths and rotor diameters and the windrowing of difficult forages, such as silage, haylage, straw and also hay.

KUHN guided by its customers

KUHN wants its machines to meet the requirements of its customers. Agricultural machines must work ever more hectares and withstand ever greater efforts. The reliability and longevity of the machines is the key to meeting user usage and satisfying their needs for work output.

KUHN rakes must provide maximum work throughput, perfectly structured windrows and maximum reliability. Most of them are fitted with the MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox.

The Masterdrive Gearbox

MASTERDRIVE GIII: a reliable, wear-resistant gearbox!

MASTERDRIVE GIII gearboxes have been developed to remain fully enclosed. The drive components are fully protected and therefore more resistant to wear. This design ensures exceptional reliability and longevity even during intensive use.

Inside, the MASTERDRIVE GIII has two-stage reduction with bevel and cylindrical gears. Tolerances are tightly controlled making the whole assembly more robust and reliable, even in difficult conditions. As a result, wear on the gearwheels is reduced to a minimum and no maintenance is required. The two stages also make it possible to include bigger cylindrical gears with more teeth, for improved power transmission.

Masterdrive gearbox

More robust fastenings

Important modifications have been made to obtain lighter, yet more robust rotors:

  • aluminium gear case,
  • optimised cam track to reduce forces acting on the roller,
  • larger roller diameter for reduced rotation speed and less pressure on the cam,
  • tine arm with large section bearings,
  • sturdier arm pivot axis,
  • reinforced pivoting shaft,
  • reinforced tine arm attachment on their pivoting shaft (connection by patented bolted insert).
Masterdrive Gearbox at work in the field

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