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Binding & wrapping methods compared

A common way to preserve a bale is to bind it with net and then wrap it in film. But what happens in terms of forage quality and costs when you bind the bale with film and wrap it using the unique 3D-Wrapping technology? KUHN does the test!

Porównanie metod wiązania na polu

In summer 2021 two groups of bales were produced by a KUHN FBP 3135 baler-wrapper combination. One group of bales was bound with net and wrapped with 6 layers of film. The other group of bales was bound with film and 3D-wrapped with 5 layers of film. The forage quality will be tested after 6 weeks and after 8 months of storage by the Eurofins Agro laboratory.


In the coming months, we will take you through the different stages of the test and inform you about the results in terms of forage quality and costs. So follow our socials or subscribe to our YouTube-channel and stay up to date.

In this first episode: The production and storage of the bales

Binding and wrapping methods compared*

Baling test in the field
test on the film
wraped bales

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