GMD 100 F front-mounted disc mowers

Detail of the GMD 300 F front disc mower

Multipurpose for diverse conditions!

Your main goal during harvest is to produce a highly nutritional forage. KUHN GMD 100 F series front disc mowers, with 2 models, are a must with their assets which will make the difference on your farm!

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The GMD 100 F series front disc mowers are available in 2 working widths with the GMD 280 F and GMD 310 F versions. The large choice of equipment, the reliability, the quality of cut and excellent ground following are essential assets that will make the difference in the various conditions on your farm.
GMD 300 F at work

Your benefits

Pay attention to the forage quality!

Form airy swaths with the front-mounted mower GMD 300 F

Obtain airy swaths

It´s the quality of forage stored in silos or bales that makes an important difference for farmers who want to increase the profitability of their livestock. The aim is simple: produce as much meat or milk as possible from the basic feed ration. Paying attention to the forage during harvesting is essential! The four belt-driven swath drums of the GMD 100 F series front-mounted mowers form fluffy, well-aired and narrow swaths, which will not be run over by the tractor wheels. This facilitates swath pick up by balers and self-loading forage wagons, with no risk of soiling the forage. In situations with heavy or long forage, serrated metal bars can be fitted on the drums to increase flow to the rear.

Adapt to irregular ground contours

The “trailed” mower unit is attached to the frame by rods. With the special suspension concept, it is able to pivot +/- 6° left to right as well as minus 6° down and plus 5° up but can also travel 50 cm vertically - perfect prerequisites for excellent ground adaptation that result in clean forage, both during daily operations on soils that are often still wet or for hay and silage making. When faced with an obstacle:The mowing unit lifts like a ski tip, goes over the obstacle and returns to its normal position automatically.
GMD 100 F series follow ground contours perfectly

Adapted ground pressure

The optimum position of the suspension springs on GMD 100 F series front mounted mowers provides for precise and fine-tuned ground pressure adjustment. The weight the mower unit exerts on the ground is therefore always efficiently limited. In addition, this reduces skid wear. The result: Constant cutting height, preserved grass stubble and dirt-free forage.
Adapted ground pressure of the GMD 300 F front-mounted mower preserves the sward

Discover a robust mowing unit

Cutter bar of GMD 100 F series front-mounted mowers

Maximum reliability with the 100 series cutter bar

The cutter bar has been designed to handle obstacles. With the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove. The toothed wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine is operational again and at a very low repair cost. Top-of-the-range components reinforce the most precious parts of the cutter bar: - Special disc-bearing station with a double row of angular contact ball bearings.- Large-diameter gear wheels in high-precision forged steel with 3 cogs engaged. - Discs with forged and treated cups across the surface area.- Disc skids in treated steel with the option of adding a protective layer (screw on)

Maximum cutter bar protection

The proctective sheet metal plates located between the discs protect the cutter bar by automatically guiding upward distorted knives. Thus, the cutter bar is not damaged and preserved from the soil's abrasiveness and residues present in the forage. Skids reinforced for wear resistance by heat treatment also protect the cutter bar.
Maximum cutter bar protection

Select the FAST-FIT knives: Fully safe fastening

The high-strength steel knives are manufactured according to very precise standards. For more safety and longevity, their fastening is ensured by a special system. The mowers GMD 100 F series can also be fitted with the FAST-FIT quick kniferelease system which provides 3 additional guarantees:
  • A powerful leaf spring ensures constant pressure on the knife's retaining axis: the knife is free to rotation.
  • The knife retaining pins have a groove and a shoulder to provide more security.
  • The leaf spring can only be distorted downward when it is above the cavity in the skid.
  • Thus, when the disc is rotating, there is no risk of it opening. To reduce maintenance cost, fixing bolt and leaf spring can be replaced separately.
The cutting quality remains excellent thanks to the compactness of the cutter bar and the exclusive shape of the knives which pass as close as possible to the protective skids.
FAST-FIT quick knife release system

A mower adapted to all environments

The GMD 310 F mower combined with the GMD 8730 rear mower at work on a meadow

Perfectly adapted to a use in combination

Combined with two rear units, the GMD 280 F and 310 F allow reaching up to 8.80 m of cutting width. The reduced weight of the front-mounted disc mowers ensures a high work output also with medium-power tractors.

A long-lasting mower…

To ensure a very long service life of your mower:
  • A robust main frame with a thick profile
  • Reinforced drum drive with new bearings and seals
  • A drive adapted to high powers as standard
  • A new front flap for easy access to the lubrication points
  • New ergonomic side guards that can be easily folded up
GMD 100 F series front-mounted mowers: reliable and durable

The FLEXPROTECT guard: avoid repair costs

To prevent tool damage while mowing along field edges or next to a tree, the flexible side guard, FLEXPROTECT, can bend in and out of shape. It avoids additional repair costs. It is easy to deploy, no tools required
The outer FLEXPROTECT guard

GMD 300 F at work


Technical characteristics
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Number of discs with wear skids
Blade attachment
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)
Gear train protection system
Ground following
Headland turning position
Average swath width (m)
Swathing system
Setting into transport position
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Road lights and signalling on front and rear
Approx. weight (kg) - without Tractor A-frame
GMD 280 F-FF 1000 GMD 310 F-FF 1000
2.80 3.11
2.66 2.99
7 8
FAST-FIT quick release FAST-FIT quick release
30 to 50 30 to 50
PROTECTADRIVE safety system PROTECTADRIVE safety system
Articulated connecting rods Articulated connecting rods
With spring With spring
By integrated hydraulic cylinders By integrated hydraulic cylinders
0.90 1.30
2 x 2 belt driven drums 2 x 2 belt driven drums
Folding side protectors Folding side protectors
Direction of rotation seen from the tractor seat: to left or right (factory setting)
Direction of rotation seen from the tractor seat: to left or right (factory setting)
As standard As standard
28 / 32 38 / 43
1 SA 1 SA
As standard As standard
960 1010