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New Triple Drum Mower takes productivity to a new level

Large-acreage producers with both medium or larger horse powered tractors can now benefit from the performance of the KUHN PZ 8831 Triple Drum Mower combination. Thanks to its compact headstock and robust design of the driveline, high capacity can be combined with a low power requirement. When paired with a PZ 1021 F series front mount mower, they feature a total combined working width of up to 8.84 m.

PZ 8831

Optimal mowing performance

Harvesting clean forage in even the most challenging soil and crop conditions. That is where the PZ 8831 mowers come into their own. Important in this context is the optimised cutting unit design, complimented by the well-known PZ drum mower features like the freely rotatable skid saucers and the flat sided drums. The rotating saucers ensure clean forage, especially in uneven ground conditions. Flat sided drums offer optimal active crop throughput, making the difference in difficult crop conditions.

PZ 8831 at work

Suitable for medium and larger horse powered tractors

With one front mounted mower and two mowers attached to the rear of the tractor, the PZ 8831 mower combination ensures an excellent weight transfer for the best maneuverability on sloping terrain. The compact headstock design makes the mower a perfect fit for medium sized tractors. Thanks to the robust driveline, it is also suitable for larger horse powered tractors.

PZ 8831_folded up in the hangar

Focus on operator comfort

The renewed design features a heavy-duty driveline with spiral-toothed gears to maintain a comfortable sound level. Integrated freewheel clutches ensure minimal maintenance.

The PZ 8831 mower can be detached and stored in the folded-up position on the integrated supports. This saves considerable space in the shed or yard when storing the mower.

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