PROFILE PLUS 2 DL Twin-Auger Mixers

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The PROFILE PLUS 2 DL mixers have 2 vertical augers, straw-blowing turbine, a large hopper and feed out via direct side doors. Available in 24 to 34 m3 capacities, these machines are suited to herds of between 120 and 265 cattle.

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Mixers with 2 vertical augers - designed for intensive use.

With capacities starting at 24 m3 and ranging up to 34 m3 , these machines are ideal for larger scale farms and manoeuvering around tight spaces.
This new range of PROFILE PLUS mixer wagons sets a whole new standard in the trailed mixer wagon sector.

You will love the upgrade to a dual purpose, higher specification machine. With the patented weighing system, the 250 possible feed-out configurations and the K-NOX mixing augers as standard, the PROFILE PLUS 2 DL mixer wagons are the future for sustainable precision feeding.
PROFILE PLUS 2 DL vertical twin auger mixer at work

Your benefits

A perfectly even mix for your feed

K-NOX technology to ensure the long-term performance of your KUHN mixer wagon

K-NOX Technology (optional)

To ensure the long-term performance of your PROFILE PLUS 2 DL mixer wagon, the K-NOX augers are designed to substantially reduce wear and tear caused by abrasion and silage acidity.

The wear and tear which affects the mixing auger over the years, will be spread evenly across the whole surface of the mixing auger and also on the central cone. That’s why K-NOX mixing augers are built entirely from the same alloy: auger, cone and scraper.

K-NOX is an alloy containing:
- Chrome (“stainless” steel) providing greater resistance to the acidic silage effluant.
- Ferrites provide mechanical resistance in particular when loading heavy and abrasive products.

The K-NOX technology will increase the resale value of your machine should you decide to sell it. Second-hand mixers are valued based on the wear of the augers, rather than their age. A machine whose main components are still in perfect condition will naturally retain a higher resale value.

Exclusive KUHN mixing auger!

The double-pitch angle of the auger enables quick breakdown of feed, no matter how full the machine already is.

To reduce power consumption, the PROFILE range is equipped with asymmetric knives which have a “self-cleaning” effect and also have a progressive-cutting knife edge for constant torque transfer. The continuous auger helix naturally moves the fodder from the bottom to the top of the tub for even mixing with no forced movements, reducing fuel consumption during the mixing process.

The auger material and design has been selected to provide maximum resistance to wear.
Exclusive KUHN mixing auger for KUHN PROFILE mixer wagons

Tried and tested transmission and drive systems!

The machine transmission is made up of a two-stage bearing therefore even during breakdown of a whole bale, stress is absorbed.
The combination of the pre-stressed subframe and the solid auger base provides maximum resistance to the load bearing in the bottom of the machine.
The unit is fitted on a collar which reaches up to approximately half the auger height, thus protecting the transmission from lateral forces exerted on the auger.
Tried and tested transmission: representing KUHN's extensive experience and technological expertise.

5 load cells: a patented KUHN exclusive!

Precision in small mixtures and accuracy for large tonnages.

The weighing system on the PROFILE 2 DL-CL-PLUS range is designed with load cells integrated into a cradle between the axle and the tub. The load cells are positioned in the direction of travel of the machine, not perpendicularly. None of the constraints related to transport affect the structure of the load cells.

The sensitivity of the 63.50 mm diameter load cells is much better than for 80 mm load cells. Small mixtures (pre-mixes of a few dozen kilograms) will be weighed and managed with greater precision.

The large number of load cells (five in total for the PROFILE 2 DL-CL-PLUS range) improves the weighing accuracy for even the heaviest mixtures (mixtures of fodder and feed with a low percentage of dry matter).
The dimensions of the cells and the patented integration system ensure that the KUHN PROFILE 2 DL/2CL mixers deliver precise weighing for everything from small loads to full loads, with a maximum volume of 34 m3

A flow rate worthy of a KUHN straw blower!

PROFILE PLUS: the fastest straw blower on the market

Turbine powered by the POLYDRIVE system

The straw-blowing turbine is driven by a disengageable belt, for flexible start-up and minimum noise during operation and the PTO does not have to be switched off to stop the turbine. The large diameter of the turbine (1540 mm) allows it to project straw to a range of 18 m.

The two-speed gearbox allows you to switch to a lower speed when bedding or working close range.


The special shape of the PROFILE PLUS straw blowing hatch (VENTIDRIVE patented asymmetric shape) improves straw suction from the turbine. A regular flow is guaranteed at very low rpms. The straw backflow phenomena encountered on rectangular hatches with a flanged turbine are a thing of the past.

The instant straw blowing rate is equivalent to the machines in the KUHN bedding range!
The patented asymmetric shape of the VENTIDRIVE straw hatch improves the straw suction and output of the PROFILE PLUS range.

The simple solution for rapid feed flow!

Configure your PROFILE machine to meet your needs, not the other way round!

A wide selection of possible combinations!

For each member of the herd to get their maximum feed intake, the feed-out of the mixed ration must be evenly mixed and distributed across the whole length of the feed passage. It’s important to reduce competition for feed between livestock in the same pen. All animals must get their fair share of quality mixed rations!

When the animals return to the buildings after grazing, providing a homogeneous ration is the best solution to avoid them pushing and shoving for feed.

The PROFILE range features an impressive selection of feed-out solutions to ensure distribution of the rations in all the types of buildings. Whether you have sheds with no separate exit, troughs with retaining rims or very narrow feed passages, feeding tables on both sides of the passage requiring simultaneous distribution, or other constraints requiring distribution from the rear of the machine, you will find what you need in the PROFILE range.

Distribution chutes: express delivery!

Distribution chutes can be fitted upon request to the right or left or rear central for feed delivery into all building configurations.

The doors are the largest on the market (their width represents over 60% of the auger diameter).

The PROFILE mixer wagon is fitted with a deflection plate to avoid driving over the feed-out. The protective canvas prevents fodder projections beyond the trough.
Distribution chutes for feed delivery into all building configurations

Tilting conveyors to adapt to all types of troughs

The PROFILE range can be fitted with a large selection of hydraulically tilting conveyors to deliver feed to raised troughs. The tilting conveyors come in different lengths and are designed with PVC belts.

They start up automatically when the hatch door is opened to prevent forage build-up at the tub outlet.

The PROFILE tilting conveyors are quiet, always clean and easy to service: simply adjust the belt tension on a regular basis.




Technical Characteristics
Capacity (m3)
Mixing system
Height of mixing auger (mm)
Max. blowing distance
Minimum PTO power requirement kW (hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
Weight, dimensions and discharge height
2 vertical augers2 vertical augers2 vertical augers2 vertical augers2 vertical augers
9009001 1001 1001 300
On the right up to 18 mOn the right up to 18 mOn the right up to 18 mOn the right up to 18 mOn the right up to 18 m
67 (92) > 81 (110)70 (95) > 85 (115)73 (100) > 88 (120)77 (105) > 92 (125)81 (110) > 95 (130)
20 - 5020 - 5020 - 5020 - 5020 - 50
1 SA with free return1 SA with free return1 SA with free return1 SA with free return1 SA with free return
See table "Technical Specifications"See table "Technical Specifications"See table "Technical Specifications"See table "Technical Specifications"See table "Technical Specifications"


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    Scott Kingston Dairy Farmer

    “The mixing capability is important for all rations, but particularly for the transition diet where we’re including a significant amount of straw,” adds Scott. “We don’t use a separate straw-grinder but instead use the Profile to chop and mix the straw into the transition diet.''

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