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High-speed straw blowing!

All-fodder straw blower & feeder with a 15 m3 capacity designed for suckling farms (> 250 LU) and dairy farms of more than 80 dairy cows.

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KUHN presents the PRIMOR 15070 M, a high-capacity straw blower & feeder designed for intensive use by suckling farms (> 250 LU) and dairy farms of more than 80 dairy cows
PRIMOR 15070 M at work

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Technical characteristics
Capacity, loading door raised (m3)
Tractor linkage
Separating system
Max. blowing distance
Turbine speed (min-1)
Beam comprising regulating tines
Dual control (positioned rear left)
Parking stand
PTO shaft
PTO power requirement without silage bales kW (hp)
PTO power requirement with silage bales kW (hp)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
Weight, dimensions, number and dimensions of loaded bales
PRIMOR 15070 M
Trailed (hitch bar not included)
All-fodder feeding (including long-fibre fodder)
and straw blowing into bedding areas and cubicles
driven by POLYDRIVE (2 rotors)
Hydraulic tailgate for loading of round bales on the ground
On the right up to 18 m
(and on the left up to 13 m with the swivelling chute 300°)
(teleflex-controlled gear change)
Turbine bottom in K-NOX and turbine wheel with 8 bolted-on blades
Interchangeable conveyor bolted to the body with double bottom and dump flap
3-position fixed beam (optional hydraulically)
Tailgate, conveyor (and optional UNROLL SYSTEM) control
Telescopic jack (adjustment by crank and by pin)
Free-wheel and slip friction clutch
Hydraulic brakes
385/55 R22.5
Road lights (LED)
66 (90)
74 (100)
40 - 60
1 SA with free return
See table "recommended use and technical specifications"


PRIMOR 15070 M distribution
PRIMOR 15070 M load
PRIMOR 15070 M at work