TBE 222 shredder silhouette

Versatile and robust!

6 models available in 5 working widths (1.79 m to 2.50 m) for farmers and machinery cooperatives looking for performance in versatility. They are suitable for intensive use for shredding grass and undergrowth. The TBES 102 series have a significant offset.

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As needs and practices in farming and landscape maintenance change, the TBE shredders have evolved towards the 102 generation. Farmers and contractors are satisfied with their performance: they have been designed for them!
These heavy-duty shredders are designed for higher workloads per year and more intensive use owing to their rugged construction. Available in working widths from 1.79 to 2.30m, they are suitable for maintaining field edges and paths as well as managing fallow land and grassy areas.
TBES 262 shredder working

Your benefits

Rugged in every respect

Spring-loaded non-stop safety system

Protected against impacts

When meeting an obstacle, the machine frame is protected by a spring-loaded non-stop safety system. After the obstacle is cleared the machine will automatically return to the working position. Moreover, the mechanical parts which were exposed to the impact (body, belt guard, bearing…) are all protected and the casing features a bolted 4mm thick sheet metal lining for increased resistance to impacts and wear.

Rotors and rollers: designed to last

The rotor is the main component of the machine. A single imbalance can affect wear of all other components.
To start on a good bases, every rotor leaving the factory is carefully balanced thanks to meticulous procedures and high quality machining tools.
TBE and TBES fitted with a roller with removable ends positioned closest to the rotor

Robust components

As is usual on KUHN shredders, also the TBE and TBSE 102 series is made up of high-resistance steel. A 4mm welded sheet metal lining, protection bars at the front and a belt guard provide further protection and robustness. To prevent wear, the casing is protected by means of a bolted and curved Hardox skid: ideal for use on roadsides!
Designed for intensive use, the frame of the KUHN verge shredders is unmatched in its reliability and longevity. Some details:
  • hitch frame 120 x 120mm and hitch yokes,
  • a 80mm wide parallelogram arm fitted on Ø 40mm shaft,
  • self-lubricating bushes on all pivot points.
A robust durable machine for all your shredding operations

Focus on versatility

Easier maintenance of slopes with the angled position of the TBES 262 shredder

For shredding in any situation

Through its kinematics, the TBE and TBES 102 models are suited for multiple uses. Positioned behind the tractor they are perfectly suited for path maintenance, while you can maintain verges, ditches, banks and hedges with these machines in angled and offset positions. Possible work angles range from -65° (ditches) to +90° (hedges). Grass and scrubs whether on slopes or in ditches will not resist these shredders.
For a version with offset to the left, select the TBE 222.

Exceptional kinematics

Offset and angling values speak for themselves. Access difficult areas thanks to the exceptional kinematics of the TBE and TBES 102 series. With their external gearbox, TBES 102 series allow an even larger offset.
This feature provides the following benefits:
  • The TBES model is the ideal solution for wide tractors as from 2.30 m.
  • The design is interesting when working in combination with a front mounted shredder.
Offset and angle values made possible with the kinematics

Choose the right tool

Adapt the machine to your needs by choosing the best suited tools:
  • Heavy hammer knife: for grass and pastures.
  • Universal knife: recommended for scrub clearing.
  • Articulated scoop flail: for intensive work in grassy areas, adapted for landscape maintenance professionals.
Several tools can be adapted to the range of shredders: Hammer or Y knives, scoop flails

High-quality shredding

A roller closest to the rotor for fast residue decomposition

Professional quality

The shredding result will meet the expectations of professionals.
Owing to the adapted tools, the 450 mm diameter rotor and the two counter-knives fitted in the casing, the shredding result will be excellent.
That means it can meet today's issues in terms of shredding:
  • Control the spreading of weeds.
  • Deal with the ban on the use of plant protection products.
  • Ensure and easy field access.
  • Pruning of hedges.
  • Ensure the driver's visibility.
The 180mm roller with removable ends is positioned closest to the rotor in order to prevent tamping residues and allow their fast decomposition.
The curved lateral skids make the TBE and TBES 102 models glide smoothly over the ground.

A roller closest to the rotor for improved residue decomposition

The roller is positioned as close as possible to the rotor. In this way, residues are ejected over the roller. Their decomposition is quicker because the passage of the roller does not compact them. The visual result is impeccable.
Key features:
  • Excellent ground following.
  • Self-cleaning by hammer knives.
A roller closest to the rotor for improved residue decomposition

The TBES 262 shredder at work