MULTI-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutter

MULTI-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutters description

Pure performance!

For use up to 800 h/year, KUHN has developed the MULTI-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutter models with a horizontal reach of 5.70 m and an available rotor circuit power of 57 hp.

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Due to their structure and power, MULTI-LONGER GIIs are best suited for agricultural equipment cooperatives and local councils.
Available in the OPTIview semi-leading arm configuration, each user will find the MULTI-LONGER GII adapts to their needs. Thanks to its quality construction and high-performance components, it guarantees quality results for years to come.
The MULTI-LONGER GII models can easily be operated for up to 800 hours per year.

Your benefits

Electric proportional controls as standard

With the EP joystick, you will feel like a professional driver as soon as you step in the cab

4 electric proportional functions as standard!

The MULTI-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutters are operated with 4 electric proportional functions: pivot, main boom, outer boom and flail head orientation. The movement speed increases exponentially as the joystick is shifted further along one direction. The machine allows for smooth and precise operation, while providing unbeatable driving comfort.

For increased safety and precision, the proportional effect works in both directions: up and down. Precision is guaranteed regardless of the type of job (verge, bank, ditch, hedge, etc.).

For efficiency, the functions of the main boom, outer boom, flail head orientation, pivot and floating head can be activated simultaneously with the ergonomic joystick and the position of the various buttons. The EP joystick can also be adjusted to the size of your hand.

The EP joystick is easy to install even in the smallest cabs. It is connected to the machine by a single small-diameter electric cable.

T15 control console

The T15 control console can be removed from the main control panel to suit all cab layouts. It can be easily detached and positioned at eye level and/or within reach.

The console has many features:
  • Hour meter and oil temperature display,
  • Controls for lift float, automatic arm break-back and rotor (grass or wood direction) with anti-reversing safety,
  • Indicator lights, fan, float and temperature alert, floating flail head.
The console also includes troubleshooting and repair modes for machine maintenance.
T15 control console detachable from the main control panel

Versatility to suit the task

Versatility to suit the task with the KUHN MULTI-LONGER GII hedge and grass cutter

Difficult jobs are now a breeze!

When you invest in a 57 hp hedge and grass cutter with a reach of 5.70 m you basically need a machine that can go anywhere. The MULTI-LONGER GII hedge cutters have been designed with this in mind.

Whether you're working alone along a field, river or forest or performing roadside maintenance for professionals, the kinematics of the MULTI-LONGER GIIs make them highly versatile machines.

The many coupling solutions and easy cab installation make it faster to prepare the machine and uncouple it from the tractor.

The pivot for the slewing action, the vertical reach of up to 6.83 m, the parallelogram-mounted and OPTIview semi-leading arm and accessories such as the SRS (Shift Rail System) are all high-tech advantages when it comes to landscape and roadside maintenance.

Maximum clearance

The cylinder of the outer boom is positioned above the arm so you can work over the top of fences or hedges without snagging. The parallelogram models can reach over even higher fences due to the anchor point of the arm on the rocker.
Maximum clearance

Narrow paths

The centred pivot of the MULTI-LONGER models and their kinematics make it possible to work in narrow paths. You can work on the vertical plane as close as possible to the tractor without the arm extending to the opposite side.
KUHN MULTI-LONGER GII 5757 SPAL Hedge and Grass Cutter: kinematics power

Reach far!

With a horizontal reach of 5.70 m, the MULTI-LONGER GII hedge cutters work easily on wide hedgerows, distant banks and both sides of major rivers. On tall embankments and at the bottom of canals, the large clearance under the arm and the "deep ditch" reach of 3.56 m will keep you working safely.

Reach high!

Their vertical reach of up to 6.83 m means you can work afterwards with your harvesting equipment as close as possible to the hedges without any risk of snagging your machines. A "hydraulic anti-tilt" system automatically manages the changes in the arm’s centre of gravity, thus avoiding any risk of the tractor tipping over.
KUHN MULTI-LONGER GII 5757 SPAL Hedge and Grass Cutter: kinematics power


KUHN MULTI-LONGER GII 5757 SPAL Hedge and Grass Cutter: welcome to the professional category!

MULTI-LONGER GII 5757 SPAL: welcome to the professional category!

Based on the performance of the MULTI-LONGER GII range with its 57 hp system, the MULTI-LONGER GII 5757 SPA has been designed to meet the needs of all maintenance professionals (local councils, agricultural contractors, etc.) with OPTIview semi-leading arm kinematics and parallelogram-mounted arm kinematics. The parallelogram is easy to control and provides added visibility. The main and outer booms are linked by a mechanical connecting rod so the operator can control the movement of the entire arm with just a single joystick movement.




Technical characteristics
Horizontal reach (m)
Available rotor circuit power at 540 rpm (kW / hp)
Recommended use
Recommended minimum tractor weight (tonnes)
Minimum power required at tractor PTO (kW / hp)
Arm safety for obstacle clearance
Outer boom
Hitch category
Hitch type
Full enclosure to protect all components
Bumper with lighting and guards
Self-guiding system for the hoses between the frame and arm
Transport height (m) with 0.5 m ground clearance
Machine weight (kg)
5757 SPAL
41 / 57
Up to 800 hours per year
66 / 90
Hydraulic pivot-mounted system with 116° slew
OPTIview semi-leading arm
3-point cat. 2 and 3
A-frame + 2 stabilisers with universal joints
Frame, main boom and outer boom with reconstituted very high yield steel structure
Main boom section 165 x 140 x 6 to 15 mm
Outer boom evolutive section 176 x 168 to 156 x 132 x 6 to 8 mm
As standard
As standard
As standard
1 830
Oil tank capacity (l)
12 kW air-cooled radiator
21 kW air-cooled radiator with double heat exchanger
Rotor circuit
Movement circuit
5757 SPAL
As standard
Open circuit - Gear pump and motor - Cast iron casing
Delivery/pressure : 105 litres at 240 bar – Pressure filter
Open circuit – Gear pump – Cast iron casing
Delivery/pressure : 35 litres at 230 bar – Pressure filter
VT 31 colour touch screen
CCI 50 colour touch screen
Pivot, arm and head control
Telescopic control
Two-directional rotor rotation (“grass” and “wood”)
Floating head
Hydropneumatic lift float
Electronic lift float
5757 SPAL
As standard
4-function joystick with electric proportional control
Remote cable control (electric optional)
Electric control
Electric control
Electric control
Flail head
Effective cutting width (m)
Rotor speed (rpm)
PRO sensor roller with removable ends (140 mm diameter)
5757 SPAL
Double cog-type V-belt drive
2 850
180° mixed rotor (121 mm dia. x 10 mm thick tube) for grass, bramble and wood Ø < 5 cm
24 T-flails
As standard
User comfort
Hour counter and temperature warning
5757 SPAL
As standard