Min-Till Air Seed Drill ESPRO

ESPRO 8000R seed drill at work

Less power required for higher output

ESPRO seed drills are universal and versatile with working widths from 3.00 to 8.00m. Capable of working after the plough, min-till or directly in residues, they will meet your needs with the utmost versatility.

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Looking for an easy-to-pull seed drill to save fuel? The low power requirement of the ESPRO seed drill is thanks to its specific design of the press wheels preceding the coulter bar. The ESPRO ensures precision at high speed thanks to the CROSSFLEX coulter bar that precisely places each seed, at speeds of up to 17 kph. It also boasts a simplified structure, compatibility with ISOBUS solutions and simple and intuitive settings.
ESPRO 6000RC seed drill at work

Your benefits

Power savings and more

The unique design of ESPRO universal seed drill packer wheels

Press wheels: a unique design

The narrow press wheels on the ESPRO seed drill is the key to increase the profitability of your business. Thanks to its special design, it keeps soil build up in front of the packer wheels to a minimum. By doing this, the power requirement and fuel consumption stays remarkably low, while ensuring a higher work output. The 900mm diameter of the packer wheels reduces rolling resistance and therefore the power required to pull the machine compared to smaller wheels.At the same time the wheels are rather narrow (210mm), leaving a 85mm gap between them for an excellent soil and residue flow. Their narrow width has another important effect: It leaves a larger infiltration zone in-between the wheels and therefore efficiently avoids erosion.The packer wheels are offset 200mm front to rear, which eliminates the bulldozing effect, thereby reducing the power requirement and making the drill easier to pull. the reduced accumulation in-front of the wheels also prevents the drill from bouncing, thus ensuring a uniform seed delivery and placement.

Levelling adapted to all conditions

A row of front packer wheels, track eradicators or a levelling bar as an option can serve you well. They level the soil before the two rows of working discs do their job. They also contribute to fuel savings and prevent the drill from sinking into light soil. Wheel pressure is hydraulically adjustable from the cab to ensure optimum performance in all soil conditions.
ESPRO universal seed drill packer wheels

A great many possibilities with the RC models

The hopper of ESPRO RC models is divided into two, with two metering and distribution systems. You can deposit fertiliser or drill a second crop or variety in front of the row of press wheels. So many more possibilities are open to you!
To seed one main crop, the entire hopper is filled with a single seed variety. The seeds go through both metering units but are brought together in the main distribution head and sent to the CROSSFLEX coulter bar only.
You can also seed your main crop while fertilising in one single pass. The fertiliser is deposited under the roots between two seed rows. Adjustable fertiliser depth prevents seedlings from burning.
You can also seed two different crops in different rows at different depths. This configuration is convenient for seeding cover crops or a mix.
The entire hopper can be used for two varieties of the same seed species (conventional and hybrid for example). This allows for separate metering but joint seeding for precision drilling of a main crop
One part of the hopper can hold the main crop while the other part holds the fertiliser that will be placed close to the seed: fertiliser placement in the row. This configuration is of real value for elements like phosphorus that are virtually immobile in the soil.
ESPRO 6000 RC in 3D with hopper divided into two

Proven work quality

Tracks made by the units preparing a perfect seedbed

A perfectly prepared seedbed

Two rows of working discs open and mix the soil at the front of ESPRO seed drills to ensure that residue is well incorporated into the surface layers. The 460 mm disc diameter helps to create a fine tilth. The concave shape of the discs makes them effective in heavy soils. They are mounted in pairs to reduce the weight and improve soil and residue flow through the machine. Disc hubs are lubed-for-life, no greasing is required.

Perfectly square

The tyres have a perfectly square profile which ensures uniform consolidation of the whole tyre width and each seeding row. Deep treads crumble the earth to create a fine surface tilth.
Press wheels with perfectly square profile for uniform consolidation

The precision of the CROSSFLEX coulter bar

The CROSSFLEX coulter bar produces a uniform seeding depth in virtually all conditions and working speeds. The seeding units are mounted on a specially profiled bar on rubber blocks. This special structure ensures very precise seeding depth in all conditions including at fast working speeds.
The press wheels stimulate the transfer of humidity to the seed by capillary action. They also ensure seed to soil contact behind the seeding unit.
The covering harrow effectively covers each seed with soil. It also creates a loose-soil surface to limit slaking which would inhibit seeding emergence.
CROSSFLEX coulter bar from an ESPRO seed drill

Your comfort is our priority too

Easy adjustments with clips

Quick and easy adjustments with simple clips

The front working discs, seeding depth and coulter pressure are all adjusted by adding clips to the hydraulic cylinders. This system makes it possible to record settings for future reference. Extra clips can be kept on the machine. Seeding-depth and coulter-pressure cylinders are next to each other and easily accessible without having to climb over the machine.

Comfortable hopper features

The hoppers on all ESPRO models are accessible at the front with a folding ladder. Large hopper openings and low filling heights on all ESPRO models allow easy filling with big-bags or in bulk. Adapted platforms also allow you to fill the hopper by hand with small bags. There is an outlet at the bottom of the hopper for quick emptying of residual seed. Two sensors in the hopper continually monitor filling height. Hopper level is clearly displayed on the control terminal. In order to adapt monitoring to seed size, the sensors can be moved to three different positions – even when the hopper is full of seed.
Totally safe and easy access to the hopper

Smart headland management

An automated pre-programmed headland sequence has been integrated into the terminals for quick and easy turns. You define when you want the metering unit to stop and when the units should lower after the turn. After entering the settings just press the button to start the sequence.
Smart headland management with the ESPRO seed drill


A lot of standard and optional equipement available on the versatile range of ESPRO R and ESPRO RC seed drills

ESPRO 8000 R at work