Seed drills for min-till MEGANT

MEGANT Seed Drills Silhouette

Powerful tines for fast seeding

The MEGANT mounted tine seed drills for min-till seeding offer working width from 4.00 to 6.00 m. They establish your crops quickly and homogenously on tilled or min-till soils. Reduce your costs without affecting the quality of work.

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Are you trying to optimize your seeding time? The MEGANT tine seed drill allows you to reduce your costs while increasing your work output and maintaining quality of seed. Discover the simplicity, precision and comfort the MEGANT seed drill can offer you.
MEGANT at work in the field

Your benefits

Obtain the best work output!

MEGANT seed drill at work with high output

Seed up to 60 hectares per day!

The 1,800 litre hopper can hold up to 1,200 kg of wheat for a significant operating range. Working widths of 4.00 to 6.00 m extend the daily output potential. Thanks to its simple design, the MEGANT tine seed drill is considerably lighter than other seeding combinations. Therefore, it can be driven faster use with tractors of only 150 hp. All this contributes to an optimal daily work output.

No more stops even in plant residues

With the mounted MEGANT tine seed drill, the risk of blocking is minimised. This is thanks to the 4 rows of tines which allow for residues to pass through the machine with very few components to restrict the flow. For easy seeding depth adjustment, the operator just needs to move the pins in the multiple holed plate.
MEGANT seeding tines with large clearance for easier soil and plant residue flow

Easier seeding along the field border

The rear folding side markers facilitate seeding along the field border, close to hedges or trees. They are fitted as standard with an obstacle clearance safety. The side markers are fitted with a bolted safety system.
Easier border seeding thanks to the obstacle clearance safety of the MEGANT seed drill markers

Keep it simple and precise

Seeding tines of the MEGANT seed drill for precise work

The work quality is ensured with the seeding tines

The seeding tines are mounted on a beam with an exclusively designed profile with polyurethane blocks. Combined with a specific tine profile, this ensures good penetration capacity and stability ensuring a regular seeding depth. A vertical travel range of approximately 15 cm allows the machine to overcome large obstacles. Owing to the seeding tines, you benefit from fast seeding without modifying the establishment quality, seeding lines free of plant residues and good soil penetration even with reduced ground pressure. You can seed on ploughed or min-tilled land thanks to a simple design and with limited maintenance. Your fuel consumption and power requirement are reduced.

The secret of improved soil/seed contact

The rear roller improves ground following on irregular fields to ensure accurate seeding depth and promotes germination through improved seed-soil contact. The MEGANT seed drill rests on both its front wheels and rear roller. It follows the ground contours independently of tractor movements. The roller consists of separate wheels (for less power requirement) mounted on elastomer blocks to ensure clearance when meeting obstacles. It is preceded by discs designed to close the seeding lines.
Individual press wheels of the MEGANT tine seed drill for improved soil-seed contact

Perfect cover: an asset for high-speed seeding

The covering harrow is fitted with two rows of flexible tines. The first one fills the furrow of the last seeding tines, whereas the second row finishes the seedbed and covers the seeds. The trailing tine profile facilitates the passage of plant debris. You also benefit from two track eradicators with shear-bolt safety fitted as standard and adjustable in spacing and depth.
Perfect cover with the covering harrow of the MEGANT seed drill at high speed.

Your comfort is significant

Powerful blower driven by an independent hydraulic circuit

A powerful blower driven by an independent hydraulic circuit

The blower is driven by an independent hydraulic circuit via a pump directly connected onto the PTO output. It can be driven from 750 to 1,000 rpm. It has no u-joints, no risk of clogging at high application rates or speeds. This blower is not sensitive to dust and allows making fuel savings when working with lower engine speeds.

Practical and user-friendly with the QUANTRON S-2 control box

As standard, you benefit from the electronic management of the MEGANT tine seed drill thanks to the practical and user-friendly terminal QUANTRON S-2. Its colour screen allows you to monitor different functions such as the distribution drive via an electric motor, the blower, the minimum seed level or the side markers. As far as seeding management is concerned, distribution is started and stopped directly, application rate is adjusted during work and displayed in kg/ha and you can change it instantly without recalibrating. You can access factory setting tables for 14 different varieties and calibrate the seed drill via an electric motor. The saving of setting tables for 30 seed types provides undeniable adjustment comfort and speed. The daily counter also indicates the hectares, hours of work, quantity sown and can store up to 200 fields by name, seed type, quantity sown, worked hours and start/end dates.
Practical and user-friendly QUANTRON S-2 control box for electronic management of the MEGANT seed drill

Easy to clean and access

The distribution head and tubes of the MEGANT seed drill are located on the outside of the hopper for easier filling and cleaning. Appreciated when changing seed varieties! The foldable frame design and the metering unit position ensure easy access for adjusting or emptying residual seeds. In folded position, the metering unit is fully free of access: no need to step over components to control the flow or empty the hopper.
Outer distribution head easy to access


Numerous standard and optional equipment available for the MEGANT seed drill range

Mounted tine seed drill MEGANT for min-till seeding, at work