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At the end of November, KUHN partnered DKE-Data and MyEasyFarm to produce the agrirouter connect webinar. How agrirouter facilitates data transfer between the office and the field? An example of application rate modulation with the ESPRO seed drill.

Remote View: Display your ISOBUS terminal's screen on your computer, smartphone or tablet!

Agrirouter connect – application rate modulation with the ESPRO seed drill.

In partnership with DKE-Data and MyEasyFarm and in line with previous events organised by DKE-Data, KUHN recorded a webinar on the subject of seeding rate modulation. In the webinar, the ESPRO seed drill is used to explain the importance of data exchange and interoperability in agriculture.

Agrirouter is the universal data exchange platform for farmers. It simplifies data exchange by standardising data transfer between software and terminals thereby avoiding specific developments and improving farm profitability through data-management time savings. The platform enables farmers to connect all of their machines, no matter what brand, to their software and applications.

By contributing to the development of agrirouter, KUHN and its partners are providing a secure solution that allows users to exchange data more easily between machines, software and equipment, even when it comes from different suppliers.

Connected solutions provided by KUHN:

Connected machines and terminals give access to new functionalities.
KUHN groups its connected solutions under the name KUHN Connect and, since September 2020, offers 2 solutions:

-       KUHN CCI Connect Lite

-       KUHN CCI Connect Pro

By connecting CCI 800 and CCI 1200 terminals to internet with Wi-Fi or by sharing a Smartphone’s 3G/4G connection, users have access to different functions via their MyKUHN account:



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