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New KUHN strip till cultivator

The 2013 KUHN STRIGER strip till cultivator includes a range of innovative features which have been introduced following feedback from existing customers.

The STRIGER is commonly used in Germany for maize and beetroot production, in Italy for maize production, and in the UK for the preparation of oilseed seedbeds. Following feedback from customers across Europe, the 2013 STRIGER includes a range of new features which offer improved strip till cultivation.

The improved range of STRIGER machines is available on 3 to 6m frames, equipped with 4 to 12 rows of tools for differing agronomic requirements.

Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety: pressure adjustment for optimum results
The 2013 STRIGER is now equipped with Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety as standard: this feature regulates the tip pressure between 550 and 730kg to ensure that the working angle of the tool tip remains constant, thus ensuring optimum expansion and preparation of the seeding line.

New options offer increased versatility
The new STRIGER is available in a range of sizes, configurations and tooling set-ups:

Wavy Opening Disc – 460 mm:
Ideal for preparing ground for maize drilling and to remove deep-rooted crop trash.

Notched Double Deflector Discs – 460 mm:
Suited to dryer conditions and soils with a deep-root trash. The notched double discs are more aggressive and provide improved soil expansion and mixing.

Wide Rubber-tyred Tamping Wheel:
The wide rubber-tyred wheel aids surface compaction to preserve the water along the seeding row. It also creates a finer, well tamped surface, ideal for small seeds.

Fine Tip:
The Fine Tip is recommended for closely spaced drilling rows spacings. The Fine Tip can work at depths of 15 to 25 cm, while maintaining a narrow drilling width. This is beneficial for taproot type crops such as oilseed rape.

2 x 260 L Fertilization Kit :
Attaching two 260 litre feriliser hoppers to the 3 meter STRIGER creates a 2-in-1 tilling and fertilizing machine. The hoppers are equipped with a fluted metering system, so that it is only necessary to set the opening of metering units.

Liquid Manure fertilization Kit:
To get the most out of livestock waste, the STRIGER ploughs liquid manure into the seeding line in one pass. The STRIGER is equipped with a universal distribution head holder, with the tubes fixing on behind the tine.





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