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KUHN highlights new minimum tillage options at Cereals 2013

Kuhn will exhibit several significant developments to its minimum tillage range at Cereals 2013 including the Cultimer L stubble cultivator and the shallower-working Optimer+.

Cultimer L
The Cultimer L extends this range of versatile machines with a trailed version available in 4, 5 and 6 metre working widths. The three rows of twin spring loaded non-stop mechanical tines operate at a pressure of 600kg at the point – ensuring strong ground penetration – with a retraction range of up to 30cm and rapid return to the working position.

The KUHN Cultimer L

In addition to the three rows of tines, the Cultimer L has a row of levelling discs and a roller. Models are available with a 350mm duck foot share for shallow (3-7cm) stubble cultivation or an 80mm point for deep tillage down to 35cm; there is also the option of an 80mm point and 350mm fin combination for stubble cultivation to 15cm depth.

Optimer+ is a development of the established range designed for shallow (0-10cm) work. It has two rows of curved 510mm diameter discs, levelling tines, and a choice of rollers at the back including spiral roller, T-ring, or DD ring.

The KUHN Optimer+

The new Optimer+ range includes trailed machines in 4, 5, 6 and 7.5m. The disc gang is fitted on a tubular chassis for improved structural rigidity. There is also a protective feature in relation to each individual disc, with four polyurethane elastomeric blocks allowing independent movement of any disc if hitting an obstacle. As each disc reacts independently, overall working depth is unaffected in the event of a collision.

Added strength and reliability is also built-in on the latest Optimer models with a robust disc hub design incorporating twin conical bearings double-sealed in a cast iron casing.

Vari-Leader extends KUHN semi-mounted plough range
Following the extension of its semi-mounted single wheel reversible plough range with the introduction of the Multi-Leader in 2012, Kuhn will introduce a variable width version to the UK market at Cereals 2013.

KUHN Vari-Leader ploughs working in tandem

Available in 6, 7 and 8 furrow formats, the Vari-Leader is suitable for tractors up to 360 hp, and – with a 110 degree turning radius – has great manoeuvrability on headlands. All models are available with a 35–55cm variable width range. The Z-frame design means there is very little wheel overhang during work at field edges and also allows the potential to fit wide tyres of up to 1200mm diameter, thereby offering good carrying capacity.

The Vari-Leader has a large offset range, with the adjustment made by sliding the drawbar to change the wheel spacing between 1.15m and 1.6m. Working depth adjustment is set simply by using spacers on the lift cylinder at the wheel. Underbeam clearance is 80cm and point-to-point clearance 102cm.

All models of the Vari-Leader are available with Kuhn’s Non-Stop Hydraulic (NSH) safety system.

The Vari-Leader and Multi-Leader ploughs extend a semi-mounted plough range that already includes the Vari-Timer, Manager, Vari-Manager and Challenger models, suitable for tractors from 80 to 420 hp, with the Challenger available at up to 12 bodies.

36-metre pneumatic spreader on show
Kuhn will show it’s 36 metre pneumatic fertiliser spreader at Cereals 2013 in response to increased interest amongst large-scale arable farmers in the machine.

The KUHN AGT6036 pneumatic fertiliser spreader

This trailed spreader is now sold widely across Europe, and Kuhn now sees a market developing in the UK. It has a 6,300-litre hopper capacity and, according to the manufacturer, has the capability to operate at 15km/hr whilst spreading at rates up to 250kg/ha of urea, giving it significant advantages in terms of output.

The AGT’s 36-metre boom is constructed of stainless steel and is divided into six sections, each fitted with five spreader plates. Individual metering units, located along the sides of the chassis, serve each boom section and are powered by their own dedicated hydraulic motor. The individual metering units have their own sensors that record roller speeds and ensure consistent application rates across the full width of the boom.

Boom height can be adjusted from 1.2 metres above ground level up to 2 metres through a parallelogram-type linkage that incorporates a hydraulic system with a cushioning nitrogen damper, as well as integral automatic hydraulic levelling using sensors similar to those fitted on sprayers. This ensures good boom stability even in windy field conditions, and assists in maintaining high work rates.

The AGT is fully controlled from the tractor cab via buttons on a fixed and dedicated joystick, and has 6 section shut off control as well as half width spreading capability. It has a transport width of 3.0 metres, a loading height of 3.0 metres, and requires a minimum tractor horsepower of 150-180hp.

The AGT 6036 can be fitted with additional micro granular feed rollers in order to accurately apply rates lower than 35kg/ha. The machine is fully ISOBUS compatible and suitable for integration with precision farming systems.





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