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BTFR 1000 series: Boost your performance


50 % of your harvest is determined during drilling

The performance of your seed drill is essential for a successful crop. The BTFR 1000 series is designed to meet your requirements in terms of profitability, work performance and quality.

The combined front hopper reduces the load on the tractor axle and distributes the weight for greater tractor/machine balance.

Accurate drilling depth and even growth results

The SEEDFLEX drilling unit positions all seeds with great precision for the best results, reliability and ease of use whether working in ploughed or min-tilled land.

1. Widely offset double discs for increased penetration capacity.
2. Coulter bars offset by 35 cm for easier passage in heavy soils and/or in plant residues.
3. Parallelogram for controlled seeding depth also at high speeds.
4. Depth control and press wheel for good seed/soil contact.

Simple Adjustments

Seeding depth is adjusted via the turnbuckle connecting the linkage to the coulter bar top link.

Greater clearance for easier drilling

The seeding bar is linked to the power harrow via a high capacity double acting hitch. The improved clearance ensures:

  • Easier manoeuvres,
  • Easy uncoupling for use with a precision seed drill,
  • Soil preparation possibility without seeding.

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