Silage cutter & feeder POLYCROK

POLYCROK silage cutters & feeders description

Proven versatility!

Silage cutter & feeder with a capacity of 2.3 m3 on the mounted version and 3 m3 on the semi-mounted version

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Tried and tested for many years, the POLYCROK range of silage cutters & feeders is a benchmark among animal feeding solutions. The POLYCROK will meet all your needs: 2.3 m capacity3 on the mounted version and 3 m3 on the semi-mounted version, fast silage cutting at the clamp thanks to its exceptional kinematics, quality distribution at the right and/or left-hand side.
Choosing a POLYCROK silage cutter & feeder means investing in a simply designed, easy-to-maintain machine, combining strength and reliability.
POLYCROK silage cutter & feeder at work

Your benefits

Silage cutting

KUHN silage cutters & feeders have outstanding kinematics for high reach at the clamp

Exceptional kinematics

The bevelled body sides combined with the gently sloping bed help forage enter the machine body easily.

The POLYCROK has outstanding kinematics for extra high reach at the clamp.

The arm/grab joint located outside the body and the positioning of the cylinders provide optimum body loading: the machine volume is therefore fully used!


The feed rotor on the POLYCROK machines has a large diameter to allows all types of forage to be distributed

Continuous separation and even feed-out

The large diameter feed rotor allows the distribution of all types of silage. Its position in relation to the conveyor has been specifically designed to ensure continuous separation, guaranteeing quality distribution.

The feed rotor and conveyor are driven by the same hydraulic motor: the two speeds are directly proportional to produce an even fodder string.

The automatic opening distribution door prevents product loss during transport.

To adapt to all building configurations, the feed unit can be mounted on the right and/or left side of the machine.

Simple, easy-to-maintain design

Traction movement on the POLYCROK silage cutter & feeder to prevent the cylinders from buckling

Tough, anti-twist, single-beam arm

All stress is concentrated on the centre line of the machine to prevent body deformation. The risk of the cylinders buckling is reduced thanks to their traction movement.


The grab’s sealing plate combined with the side strips ensures that the bottom of the clamp and the feeding passages are kept clean.
Sealing plate and side strips on the POLYCROK silage cutters & feeders to keep the bottom of the clamp clean

Semi-automatic 3-point hitch

Coupling the machine is quick. The hitch bar locking is controlled by a lever. The coupling point (top and bottom) is adjustable and designed so that the centre of gravity is as close as possible to the tractor.
Quick semi-automatic coupling to the POLYCROK silage cutter & feeder

A choice of controls!

The POLYCROK 2050 is equipped as standard with direct control on an auxiliary valve. The 3850 model is equipped with remote cable controls as standard.

For fingertip control of the machine, electric control is available as an option. The small control box makes all machine functions possible from the tractor cab.
The POLYCROK machines are available with optional electric control for fingertip operation.


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Technical Characteristics
Capacity (m3)
Tractor linkage
Discharge chute
Separating system
Lifting power required (kg)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Tractor hydraulic circuit
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
Weight, dimensions and recommended uses
Mounted, semi-automatic hitch with lever lock
Automatic, hydraulic opening of the discharge chute
Feed rotor with 8 tines and 8 teeth driven by a 294 cm³ hydraulic motor
Silage grab with automatic sealing plate and side flaps
10 mm marine-grade chain and slat-type conveyor and right-hand side feeding
Driven by chain and double-stage reduction gears
Manual control (optional electric control)
4 500
30 - 40
Open centre hydraulic system
1 SA with free return
See table "Recommended use and technical specifications"