Silhouette of the VKM

A 'go everywhere' shredder that best meets your expectations

The 4 models of the VKM series of shredders allow optimal management of fallow land, pastures and of grass regrowth with a working width comprised between 2.09 and 3.03 m.

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The management of pastures and fallow land is an important part of the production system. Shredding is essential to maintain or improve pasture quality. Cattle pick out the best grass to feed on, leaving the poorer quality grasses behind. If this low quality grass is not shredded, over time, it will spread throughout the rest of the field. This reduces pasture quality on the whole and consequently also animal productivity. In addition to allowing you to manage pastures and fallow land, VKM shredders are also suitable for shredding branches. You will be love the versatility of this range that will best meet your expectations.
VKM at work

Your benefits

Appreciate the versatility of the VKM series

The "go everywhere" design of the VKM shredder facilitates shredding whatever your conditions

A "go everywhere" design

VKM shredders are designed primarily for managing your pastures, fallow land and scrub land. Nevertheless, they can also be used for shredding prunings thanks to their low construction with rounded edges and internal rotor bearings that facilitate shredding almost everywhere, including under trees and vines. They can also be equipped with optional raking tines for collecting residues. With an adjustable rear hood, the shredding degree can easily be adapted to the amount of residue.

A compact unit

The VKM is equipped with mechanical offset (hydraulic offset is an option).
This design allows the machine to remain compact with a centre of gravity close to the tractor.
The VKM shredder remains compact owing to its offset by sliding tube.

Benefit from high-quality shredding

High quality shredding with VKM multi-purpose shredders

Choose fine shredding and uniform crop residue distribution

Fine shredding and uniform distribution are the solutions to speed up the decomposition and transformation into humus of your pasture or fallow land residues. The helical arrangement of the tools on the rotors is optimal to ensure smooth rotation, good suction for a clean cut, as well as a good homogeneous distribution of the shredded material for improved decomposition. Optional semi-pivoting wheels offer another way to provide height control.

Choose the right tool!

Among the possible assembly from the factory, you can choose between two tools. Hammer knives will be perfectly suited for shredding grass while Y knives will be effective in scrub land. On specific request, heavy hammer knives can be installed to work in woody residues (vine shoots and prunings) and straight Y knives will allow you to handle crop residues (stubble).
Y knives provide efficient work in brushwood with the VKM shredder

A reliable shredder

The roller with removable ends gives the required reliability to your VKM shredder

Benefit from the reliability of the roller with removable ends

The double row of ball bearings ensures a longer shredder service life. Sealing is perfect through chicanes and the greasing system. The roller is fitted closest to the rotor for efficient ground following and a self-cleaning action  from the flails.
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