Silhouette of the BP/BPR 10

When shredding becomes daily work

Seven models of multi-purpose shredders available in 4 working widths (2.10 m to 3.03 m) for shredding all types of grassy areas intended for individual farms and local authorities

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BP 10 and BPR 10 series shredders are designed for shredding all kinds of grassy areas, from managing weeds at the edge of fields to maintenance work on pastures or the upkeep of parks and gardens.
These multi-purpose shredders are excellent value for money for individual crop and livestock farms and local authorities for daily shredding operations.
BP 28 shredder at work

Your benefits

A multi-purpose shredder adapted to your needs

Linkage with offset possibility on BP 10 series shredders

BP 10 series: choose the right linkage

Choose a fixed or offset linkage; on the BP 28 and BP 30, the gearbox is positioned centrally due to a fixed central frame with hitch pins supported at each end.

The linkage frame can be shifted mechanically or hydraulically on a sliding tube and comes with an off-centre gearbox to provide an extended offset of up to 45cm to the right. The frame and top link are connected via an articulated rod for improved ground contouring.

BPR 10 series: dual-purpose linkage with lateral offset

The BPR´s double attachment frame can be front or rear mounted by simply inverting the transmission.
These models are fitted as standard with a hydraulic lateral offset of the hitch frame by 45cm. For increased reliability and compact machine dimensions, the offset us guided over two sliding tubs with teflon rings.
A double attachment frame allows using BPR shredders to be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor.
A double attachment frame allows using BPR shredders in front or rear position

High-quality shredding, fast decomposition

Helical tool layout ensuring fine and quality shredding

A high performing shredding unit

The helical tool layout on the rotor ensures perfect residue suction and a homogeneous spread over the ground behind the rotor.

Additional assets for a long-lasting and high performance of the machine:
  • robust flail holders and anti-rotation attachment bolts
  • a rotor speed of up to 2,356 rpm for clean shredding
  • high-capacity rotor drive by four SPBX V-belts.

Adapted flails

Adapt your machine to your needs by selecting the best-suited flails for the job:
  • Heavy hammer knives for grass.
  • Y knives for crop residues.
Y knives adapted for shredding crop residues

Controlled working height

For efficient shredding and plant cover preservation, it is essential to have control over the cutting height. Working height control is either done by:
  • a 220mm press roller with fixed or removable ends positioned very close to the rotor for improved ground following, shredded material ejection over the roller and automatic cleaning by the flails (BP 10 and BPR 10).
  • optional semi-pivoting wheels fixed onto the shredder casing (BP 10).
Control the working height on BP and BPR 10 series shredders with the roller with rigid or removable ends

Robust and reliable

A robust structure for resistance to impacts

A robust structure

Long service life and resistance to impacts is an important issue for KUHN. Therefore, the casing of BP/BPR 10 series shredders consists of a 6mm thick sheet metal lining and 8mm thick sidewalls. The two counter-blades (1 notched, 1 smooth) are welded on the casing.
BP 28 shredder at work