Silhouette of the BK

The all-rounder for mixed cropping farms

The BK shredder is intended for mixed crop-breeding farms. Available in three working widths of 2.30, 2.80 and 3.20 m.

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Shredding improves the decomposition of crop residues. A satisfying result is achieved, if the majority of residue left is less than 5cm long, the shredding height is uniform and the residue is distributed regularly over the soil after shredding. With KUHN shredders, you can count on proven solutions to achieve these requirements. They are efficient machines designed to shred crop residues, straw, maize and sunflower stalks, fallow and pasture land.
BK at work

Your benefits

The value of high-quality shredding

Perfect high-quality shredding with BK SERIES shredders

Rotor for perfect shredding

The high linear speed combined with the high level of overlap between tools ensures high-quality shredding. Moreover, you can shred large quantities of residues with the large rotor diameter.

Choose your shredding tools in accordance with your work

The rotor is fitted with four rows of tools to choose from universal knives with stubble pallets for better residue laceration as they are adapted for stubble and cereals, or long hammer knives for woodier material such as maize and sunflower stalks and for maintenance of hay fields.
Rear hood manual opening for easy rotor access on BK series shredders.

Perfectly controlled shredding height

Two working height control devices are available for these machines: semi-pivoting wheels or roller. Wide height-adjustable skids are available as option.
Semi-pivoting wheels for a BK 320 shredder allows ensuring height control.

Essential strong points for longer service life

The BK 320 shredder's rotor without maintenance and its greased-for-life bearings.

Benefit from limited rotor maintenance

You will benefit from the maintenance-free rotor thanks to bearings that are greased for life and the free wheel in the central gearbox that needs no maintenance.

A linkage with yokes for incomparable robustness

The linkage with yokes ensures a good rigidity of the tractor/tool link. A free wheel is integrated as standard in the gearbox and a sheet metal lining is available as optional equipment.
The linkage with yokes on the BK 320 shredder

Make your life easier with the shredders

Hydraulic offset for BK 230 and BK 280 shredders

Shred even in the presence of obstacles

BK 230 and BK 280 shredders can be fitted with hydraulic offset of 40cm to the right to shred in fields with obstacles: orchards, rocks, etc.

Easy transport on roads and paths

The BK 320 can be transported lengthways for passing narrow paths and roads at ease.
Easy transport of the field shredder BK 320 on roads as well as paths

Easy tool exchange

The rear hood can be lifted manually for better access to the rotor. Therefore, the shredding tools can be changed in total ease.
Rear hood manual opening for easy rotor access on BK series shredders.

BK 320 shredder at work