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AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till seeding comes in a single-metering-unit version, the AUROCK 6000 R, and a twin-metering-unit version, the AUROCK 6000 RC with a working width of 6 m. You'll love the seeding unit's triple-disc concept, and it is ISOBUS compatible.

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, cultivation methods have progressed to the point of conservation agriculture. With this system, ploughing is replaced by different degrees of shallow tillage. Conservation agriculture includes minimum tillage and no tillage. With AUROCK, the trailed seed drill for no-till, the crucial seeding stage will be a success: it's the only tillage operation.
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Your benefits

Modular, for diversified crop rotation

Front stubble-breaker roller or chopper roller on AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

Front roller stubble-breaker

The AUROCK seed drill can be equipped with a front roller to flatten plant cover and accelerate the decomposition of green residues or to crush large woody plants. Seeds can then be delivered to the bottom of the furrow with no obstructions. You can even adjust the roller's ground pressure from the terminal in the cab. The mulch on the surface of the soil will maintain moisture in the ground in dry conditions. Nitrogen is also put back into the soil and biological activity boosted. With the AUROCK, destroy plant cover and sow in one single pass

Unique! Press wheels for min-till

You can add press wheels across the width of your tool to improve weight balance for min-till. With a diameter of 900 mm, we guarantee that traction power will be reduced. The bulldozer effect is completely eliminated thanks to the 200 mm offset between the wheels. Result: the soil is tamped uniformly across the entire working width and the AUROCK seed drill can plant at a constant depth.
Press wheels for min-till with the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

Two choices for inter-row spacing

The AUROCK seed drill comes in two versions! You can choose 15 cm or 18.7 cm inter-row spacing to suit your requirements. It is also possible to set the seeding units higher to modify inter-row spacing and to provide better clearance for plant debris.
Two choices for inter-row spacing with AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

The RC model makes everything possible!

The AUROCK 6000 RC seed drill with a working width of 6.00 m is equipped with two metering and distribution systems. Operating possibilities are endless with a hopper divided in two. You can seed a main crop and fertiliser in the same row, a main crop and fertiliser every other row, two crops in the same row, two crops every other row (e.g. relay cropping), one main crop every other row, one species every other row (you get more space between rows) or two varieties of the same species every other row. Change your methods, rethink your rotations and make everything possible!
AUROCK 6000 RC trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture with double hopper

Choose the opening disc that suits you

The furrow is created at the front of the AUROCK by two rows of opening discs mounted on a maintenance-free bearing. Two models are available to suit different conditions: a 460 mm diameter wavy disc to work tilled ground with possible soil expansion and a 430 mm embossed disc to cut residues effectively and reduce soil projection. The disc bearing requires no maintenance.
Choose between two opening discs on the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture, wavy or embossed disc.

Faithful to the triple-disc concept for over 40 years

Triple-disc seeding unit, parallelogram-mounted, for AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

The triple-disc unit: furrow opening and seeding

Seeds are placed in the furrow by the seeding unit with parallelogram-mounted double discs. The system is precise, delivery is optimal and ground following perfect. The triple-disc unit is therefore composed of a furrow-opening disc and a double seeding disc. Having two models of opening disc enables you to adapt the triple-disc unit to your conditions. You will create fine soil in the seeding row with this unit and you'll be able to adjust furrow-opening and seeding pressure. The double seeding disc is mounted on a parallelogram structure for soil/seed contact in all conditions.
If ever you have to do maintenance work on the discs, it's easy. The disc can be removed without having to remove the bearing, and as we wanted to offer you the most robust of machines, the bearing is protected inside a sealed cup. The press wheel is slanted and offset in relation to the middle of the furrow created by the seeding unit. This design closes the furrow and tamps the soil down perfectly.

Central pivot control, perfect seed delivery guaranteed

A central pivot between the seeding bar and the frame allows you to place the seed in the furrow when turning. The seeding unit follows behind the opening disc perfectly at all times. The pivot point is controlled with the in-cab terminal. It prevents misplacement on slopes.
Central pivot between the seeding bar and the frame on the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

Adjusting the double seeding disc, simply

The double seeding disc has a wide range of adjustment possibilities. It can be set for high clearance in plant debris for example. Depth adjustment is simple and tool free. Individual pressure adjustment is available as an option. It is an ideal solution to prevent wheel tracks made by the tractor and to get optimum seeding regularity. It also allows you to manage two different seeding depths more easily when drilling every other row with different species.
Easy adjustment of double seeding disc for AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

An intuitive seeding experience with ISOBUS

KUHN products visual

Easy adjustments thanks to six independent and automatable sections

The AUROCK features six working sections, each controlled independently from the ISOBUS terminal. This precise control system allows you to use all the versatility of the machine to adapt directly to your soil-climate conditions. It can be automated in just a few seconds making it very easy to manage.

Application rate adjustment and viewing

The AUROCK seed drill is equipped with a volumetric, proportional and precise metering unit. It is capable of seeding small or large seeds without removing the roller. The seed drill also has an agitator that can be shut-off, as standard. Two mobile sensors measure seed level in the hopper, even when it is full. There are four possible positions for the sensors depending on the type of seed being used. You can also view hopper level on the terminal in the cab with the possibility of receiving a warning when the level is low.
Application rate adjustment and viewing on the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

Opening-disc adjustment by spacer

The opening-disc adjustment system is a real time saver. It is just on the outer cylinders and is easy to reproduce with the different colours and numbers on the spacers. Take control of furrow-opening precision and the seed drill will ensure high-capacity adaptation.
Individual adjustment is available (250 to 300 kg) as an option. With it, you'll be able to seed two different species at two different seeding depths.
Opening disc adjustment by spacer on the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture

Intuitive seed-drill monitoring

Whatever control terminal you choose, the interface was specially developed by KUHN to be user-friendly and intuitive. By simply pressing a button at the end of the field, the front-tool will lift and the metering unit(s) will stop successively. So seeding is perfect right to the edge of the field. It is the guarantee that no seed remains on the surface which is known to be an issue with no-till methods.
Intuitive seed-drill monitoring for the AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture thanks to ISOBUS compatibility and the CCI 1200 terminal


Many standard and optional features are available on the AUROCK range of seed drills for no-till and conservation agriculture

AUROCK trailed seed drill for no-till and conservation agriculture at work


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    Martin Lines Farmer

    “The Aurock ticked every box on my list, and others I hadn’t considered,” said Martin. “No other drill I know can be had with an integral crimp roller. One thing I’d been seeking was a drill that could cope with cover crop destruction, pulverising it to create ‘soil armour’ but without moving soil, stopping both rain impact on soil and evaporation from it, while also suppressing weeds. On the Aurock it can be put in/out of work as required, with hydraulic downforce for greater effect. 

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