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MAXIMA 2 Pneumatic precision seed drills

Precision on a wide scale

Pneumatic precision seed drills MAXIMA 2, your benefits :

Simplicity and ease
of use



Return on investment and profitability are major preoccupations for today’s farmers.

As a consequence, getting equipped with a reliable and precise seed drill that has lower maintenance costs is essential.
MAXIMA 2 precision seed drills provide :

With simplified settings,KUHN prioritizes seeding precision and quality to give you every chance of making a success of row crops and improve the profitability of your farm.

ISOBUS solutions
Make up to 2 900€ savings in seeds per year* with automatic row shut-off by GPS.

The majority of our MAXIMA 2 seed drills are compatible with the major terminals on the market, providing you with ever more ease of use and simplicity You can control the different ISOBUS machines from one terminal. Automatic row shut-off by GPS increases seeding accuracy, even in points. Yield is increased and savings are made on seeds

Terminal CCI 200: colour touch screen for optimum navigation in the different menus

*Seeding 400 ha/year with a MAXIMA RX 8 rows (density: 95 000 plants/ha, average seed price 130 €/50 000 seeds).

See the complete description of the MAXIMA 2 range and its features and benefits !

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